Simple Seo Glossary

This is a simple SEO glossary to accompany the blog posts I have written on SEO. You can find the blog posts by clicking here.

In this glossary, you can find out what all the Search Engine Optimisation jargon is in simple terms that everyone can understand.





Alt Tag – The HTML tag surrounding the alternative text you want to display in your content if the image fails to load.


Backlink – A link to your content provided by another website.

Backlink Farm – A website created just for the purpose of providing links.

Branded Terms – Search queries related to your business name.

Browser – The program you use to surf the internet, e.g. Chrome, Firefox.


Cold Prospect / Cold Audience – Someone who is not aware of your business.


H1 Tag – The reference given to the HTML tag that surrounds the main heading text in your content. It looks like this <h1> Title </h1> There should only be one main header in your document and therefore on one instance of an H1 tag. For nested headers, the tags are H2, H3 etc.

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language. The extra coding applied to your content so it can be displayed in a visually appealing way in a browser.


Keywords – The words people type in the search box of a search engine. A keyword can be one word or it can be several to make up a search phrase or search query. Long phrases are known as Long Tail Keywords

Keyword Research – The process of identifying the best keywords to use in your content.


Link Quality – How good a link is. If the link comes from a high authority site, it will be a good quality link. If the link comes from a low authority site it will be a low-quality link. Too many low-quality links can hurt your ranking.

Long Tail KeywordsClick here


Off Page Optimisation – The process of promoting your content on the internet to get backlinks.

On Page Optimisation – The process of making your content understandable by the search engines.


Ranking – The position of your content in the search engine results for a particular search query.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation


URL – The address of a website or page that you type into a browser.


Warm Prospect / Warm Audience – Someone who is already aware of your business.


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