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Take your business seriously

Are these problems familiar to you.

“I’ve set up an e-commerce store but I’m not getting sales”

“My website isn’t generating leads or sales”

This week I have looked into no less than 5 Google Analytics accounts for e-commerce stores to help people work out why they are not getting sales.

Here is what I have found.

  • No referral spam filters.
  • No Main view.
  • No e-commerce tracking set up (yikes… )
  • No funnel goals to track cart abandonment
  • No goals to track lead generation

Oh.. dear.. me..

There is a common theme of people trying hard to get on online store going but they are missing some crucial parts of the jigsaw.


Now, I’m hearing lots of excuses;

  • I don’t know how
  • I didn’t realise I had to do it
  • I’ve never looked there
  • I’ve never bothered

Well the harsh truth is you need to take your business seriously if you want to see success. If you are selling online that means tracking your sales. It’s like doing your accounts. You know they need to be done but most of us leave it to the accountant.

What’s the penalty for not filing your accounts? A big fine? Debt?

What’s the penalty for not installing and regularly checking your analytics? Low sales, low leads, poor online performance.

So stop with the excuses. Take responsibility.

I get it, if you are not technical and analytics scares you. I understand why you put it off but this is your business. You need to take it seriously.

You MUST have analytics set up and working if you want to sell successfully.


If you can’t do, then get help. Yo can ask me to set it up or get someone else. Honestly I don’t mind if you don’t ask me, I do mind if you don’t take action.

So take action now – contact me to get help and get your analytics set up today. 

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