The only way to improve your sales / landing / opt in page

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Google Analytics

The only way to improve your sales / landing / opt in page

How many new leads did your opt in generate today?

How many sign ups to your course did you get?

Not as many as you would like? So what are you going to do about it? Tweak this, tweak that… Did it work? Probably not. So what’s next? Ask your business besties? Get some quick advice from an expert?  Well, that probably won’t work either.

See, the only way to really know why your landing pages are not working is to MEASURE and MONITOR what visitors are actually doing when they get to your page. That, I’m afraid, is the only way.  Yes, you can give it your best guess but it’s still only a guess. It’s not good enough, not for your business. The business you want to grow, the business you want to support you. If you are serious about business of course, and I’m sure you are. If you are serious then do the right thing. MEASURE and MONITOR.

If you are a small business you don’t have time to try 1001 different marketing strategies, let alone the budget to support them all.

What if you focused on one marketing strategy that worked for your business, that reliably and consistently brought leads in to your business. Would you be bothered with the other 1000?

What if you knew that all that Facebook posting you have been doing has been useless, it drove just 1% of you new leads – would you continue?

Now how about if you knew that one blog post was so successful you generated £20k of new business from it! Wow – would you promote it further?

Your marketing budget and your time promoting your business should be used wisely, you should be aware of the effect every marketing activity has on your business. Somethings are hard to measure – like a brand awareness campaign but somethings are easy and you should be measuring them ALL.THE.TIME.


“What gets measured, gets managed”

If you are not measuring your marketing – you sure ain’t managing it. So how do you know you are not wasting your time and money?

Be clever.

Be smart.

You know your competitors, the ones who are smashing it? They are measuring themselves – all the time. They are smart. The want to be the best. They are improving. They are growing. ALL.THE.TIME. That’s how business is done.

How do you measure your marketing?

First you need to get yourself a Google Analytics account and configure it correctly. The account is free but you need to make sure the data is filtered from spam, crawlers and your own visits. I created this 9 part video series to help you configure your account. Spam filters change from time to time so just email me and I’l send you the latest spam filter to add. >>GET THE FREE TRAINING HERE

I audited an account once and the owner couldn’t understand why they were getting so many visits but no one was buying. Over the half the visits wee from spam bots and the owner themselves. This gave a totally incorrect overview of the marketing efforts. Once the junk data was filtered out they were not as popular as they thought!

It is essential that you set yourself some goals (basic business sense here), then set up your goals in Google Analytics. So, if you have a lead generation strategy where you want someone to download a free PDF, use the thank you page as a goal. Your analytics will register a goal has been reached when the page is visited. Further analysis will show you where that traffic came from, and what they did before downloading your PDF. All this info should be used to improve your marketing. Like I said before – it’s what your competitors are doing, you should be doing it too.

Next, get your self a free Hotjar account. Set up heat-mapping and recordings for your landing pages and opt in pages. Regularly monitor how visitors are behaving and look for friction points. For example; how many people are not reading your whole page? Where are they stopping? Get into their head and think why that might be. Hotjar has some good basic training for understanding what you see with heatmaps and scroll maps. You will learn so much – your eyes will be well and truly opened to your visitors behaviour.

So next time, rather than ask your friends / daughter / strangers on Facebook for feedback on why no one is taking action on your landing page, set up your monitoring IN ADVANCE and you will have a much better idea.

Data is more accurate than opinion.

Design by committee is a disaster waiting to happen. Ask 10 people and you may get 10 different answers of what to change. 10 different opinions! Really, the only people you should be asking are your target market and by driving them to your landing page you have already asked them.  Gathering the data using analytics tools, is how you capture their responses!

So stop asking people who are not your target market and start asking people who matter, then listen to their answers by setting up your tools. You would be silly not too – especially because you can do it for free so you really have no excuse.

Unless your excuse is “it’s too complicated”. I understand, it’s a learning curve. But it’s part of marketing. If you want to do your own marketing, you better be good at analysing your results.

But, if setting up your tools and data analysis are not your bag, well they certainly are mine so give me a shout and I’ll help you out.




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