The three reasons why your lead magnet isn’t being downloaded

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Funnels

The three reasons why your lead magnet isn’t being downloaded

I know you have probably spent ages on your lead magnet, you think it’s great, your mates might think it’s great, but do your potential customers think it’s great?

Hopefully you have checked it against my 8 point checklist which you can download here. If you have you should have a good idea of what makes a good lead magnet. Ok, so I am assuming you DO have a fantastic lead magnet that ticks all 8 boxes of my checklist but still, no one is downloading it.

It’s time to check your lead magnet landing page out.

Did you know that I have identified at least 13 elements that should be on your lead magnet landing page to help you convince and convert people from visitors to subscribers.

It’s no good chucking some ol’ rubbish on a page and hoping for the best. This is your business! At least find out the essential first, the ones that help conversions.

Reason 1: Your copy doesn’t highlight any benefits

The first thing you absolutely must get right on your copy is your headline. It must grab attention and talk about one big promise, that either solves a pain or brings a benefit. If your headline can’t do that then your readers will go no further and bounce (that means leave the page quickly without doing anything else). The goal of your headline is to stop people in their tracks and get them to read the sub headline. That’s all.

I wrote a post on writing quick and dirty headlines to get you going quickly. You can read it here. 

The second part on your landing page that is important is your sub headline. This is the reason why people keep reading. It needs to evoke curiosity. Do that right and people will want to keep reading.

The third copy element that will help people convert on your landing page is to use bullet points to talk about how your lead magnet solves their problem. Using bullets that convey the benefits is the clearest way to do that. Avoid writing walls of text. It’s a lead magnet landing page, not a sales page!  Don’t give away too much – you want them to download  your lead magnet. If you ‘scratch the itch’ they wont need the lead magnet. It’s a fine balance.

Reason 2: Your image is bland and means nothing. 

Try to use an exciting image to portray the end result. Many people are visual learners. They need to see a benefit rather then read it. For some of my lead magnets I emphasis what the reader gets with bright imagery so if they missed the headline first time they get a second change to see it in a way that makes it stick. It works pretty well for me right now.

Reason 3: Your call to action was missed.

Perhaps the colour of your call to actin button blended in too much with background. Maybe the text on it didn’t promote action. It’s the final link in the chain and one that can often fail. You button needs to stand out and your text needs to drive people to take action!

If you would like a FREE 13 point checklist and lead magnet landing page mock up template click here!



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