Using Divi to adjust the space in between your sentences and letters

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Divi

When adding content to your website using the Divi builder, you may decide to change the spaces either between the lines in your content or between the letters. The space between your lines is called ‘Text Line Height’ and the space between each letter is called ‘Text Letter Spacing’.  To find these settings when you are adding text to your page, open the settings in the text module.


Accessing the Divi text settings

Open the Divi text settings


Then navigate to the design tab. Here you will find the two settings, text line height and text letter spacing. You can adjust the values by moving the slider to the left or tight. Don’t forget to save your settings.

Divi Line Height and Letter Spacing Settings


The default Divi text settings

The defaults for the two settings are;

Text letter spacing -> 0px

Text line height -> 1.7 em  (an em is just another measurement used in web design, you will get a feel for how big it is when you adjust the settings)

The paragraph below shows some text with the default text setting.

Line Height and Letter Spacing

The paragraph below shows the same paragraph but with the following settings;

Text letter spacing -> 4px

Text line height -> 2.6 em

Divi Line Height and Letter Spacing Increased

You can see clearly how the distance between the lines and the letters has increased.

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