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Website Usability and User Experience Testing – an overview

Website Usability and User Experience Testing – an overview

Website usability testing or user experience testing involves setting real users real tasks to do on your website. Then, you get their feedback, either in person or remotely. There are pros and cons with this but overall it is a very valuable way of understanding the problems your users are having.

The next best thing to this is user recordings (from tools like Hotjar) where you see how users are performing tasks but you don’t really get inside their head. So, you have to make assumptions about what you see.

User experience testing allows you to get inside the users head. Although, whether or not they tell you what they really feel is another matter!

There are several online companies that will help you with user testing. You pay around $50 per user and you receive a video and a voice recording of the users experience as they accomplish the activities you set.

Have a look at, WhatUsersDo, or TryMyUi

But remember, you need to have testers that are in your target market!

Aim to test around 10 people.

Conduct testing when you are looking for problems on your site and when you want to roll out major updates (so test the updated version on a staging site).

Also, consider testing every year or so. Technology changes and so do peoples expectations. It’s a good idea to keep a check on how useable your website is on a regular basis.

Need help conducting website usability tests?

I have access to a market of mums with children with a wide range of ages. If this is your target market and you need some usability testing, contact me now for more information about how I can help you.


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