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by | Mar 21, 2016 | Websites

What will happen when you instruct Weider Web Solutions to build your website


If you instruct us to work on your web project we will define a project plan once the final website strategy has been agreed. Your project will be managed in a tool called teamwork where you can monitor the progress of your project.

This phase will take a week.



The first thing we get to work on is your content. Content can include;

  • Taking photographs,
  • Filming videos,
  • Writing website content,
  • Preparing email content,
  • Creating valuable downloads such as white papers, useful lists etc.

This phase can take a while so it’s best to get it under way as soon as possible.



Once the content of the website is fully understood the design of the site can start. As standard we will show you two design concepts. When you agree to one of the concepts you will get three design revisions. You will see your design come to life through the following stages;

  • Concept
  • Wireframe
  • Home page design
  • Inner page designs
  • Landing page design
  • Email newsletter design
  • Social media banners

This phase can take 4 – 6 weeks.


Development & Build

When you are happy with the design and the content, each page will be build according to the latest web standards. We use a combination of HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript and JQuery.

This phase can take 2 – 3 weeks.


Your website will be tested to ensure it functions and looks good in all the latest versions of modern browsers and mobile devices. We also work hard to decrease load speed and data requests so your site loads fast.

This phase can take 1 – 2 weeks.


If you need extra marketing services we can set up the tools for you. We are a partner for Active Campaign email and CRM which we highly recommend for marketing automation. We can also set up social media accounts if necessary. We have a great social media control panel and know of other great social media tools we can set you up with to reduce the time you spend on social media.

Once the site is live we will monitor it closely for 30 days, ensuring any bugs are fixed immediately.

We will train your designated web master in how to update your site. We will provide training documents and videos to make sure your web master is confident with the website.

This phase will take 30 days.

What happens after this?

We recommend our Continuous Care Program. Find out more here:

If you have opted for the continuous care program, this will start once the website is live. We will need to set up your Google analytics, Google webmaster tools, and Optimizely account. This enables us to perform our hypothesis testing and keep your website delivering value to your business. We will monitor your site against its goals. We will audit your site regularly, giving insights into visitor behavior. From these insight we can then form hypothesis to test and from these tests we will improve your website to make sure it is always providing value to your business. We will discuss how your business is changing and how your website should be updated to reflect those changes. We will work hard to ensure your website is fresh, in line with your business and delivering great results.

This phase is ongoing.


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