What is a value proposition

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What is a value proposition?

A value proposition is a combination of a few sentences and some imagery that you use to make a ‘promise of value’ to your potential client.

It consists of 5 parts.

  1. The end result – or the promise of what your client gets when they work with you
  2. What you do – this is the ‘how’ you get the end result.
  3. Who you do it for
  4. The value you bring – this also helps to set you apart from your competitors
  5. An image to support your message

1. The end result

Think about what clients want when they come to you.

My clients want a long lasting, trusting partnership.  Some want a website done for them, some want me to teach them how to do it themselves. Some want analytics. Some want bug fixing a bit of work done here and there. I can’t put all of that on the home page. I can save that for the ‘Value prop’ on the individual service page.

For the home page, you just want to find the overarching benefit from working with you. This then becomes a sort of ‘promise’ you make to your clients.

This can take a long time to work out and the more you work with clients the easier it will be to understand what they want.

Expect to tweak this as you grow in your business.

2. What you do

Similar to the end result, you may have a list of what you actually do. You can’t put all this at the top of your website so you need to find a way to explain what you do in one short sentence.

3. Who you do it for

Think about this in terms of who you want to attract, your ideal client. The clearer you are on who you want to attract the stronger your message will be and the easier it will be to get people to take action on your website.

As you grow in business you may find this changes often. Don’t be afraid to update this when you change who you want to work with.

4. The unique value you bring

Why should people work with you? What do you bring to the table that others don’t?

Find three benefits that people experience when working with you. You will stand out more from your competition if they are unique benefits to you.

5. An image that supports your message

Finally, you need to find an image that supports your value proposition.

The best image is one that shows the end result, or the ‘promise’.

The second best image is of the service (or product)  in action. So if you are a coach or consultant, can you show you in action?

Where do you put the value proposition?

The value proposition goes at the top of your website homepage. It should be the first thing your website visitors see.

When someone lands on your web page (any page) they ask themselves a series of logical question.

The first questions are ‘Where am I? what is this? why should I care? ‘ 

The value prop answers these questions in a second. It also should speak directly to the website visitor, by putting them in the centre of your business.

The call to action

Since this value prop will be in the header of your website, to make your header even more effective you need to to tell people what to do to work with you. They may not yet be ready to take action but putting the call to action ‘seed’ in their head early on, and repeating it, means when the time comes for taking action, they will know exactly what they need to do.

Value proposition examples

Here are a few examples of value propositions.

Value proposition example

Value proposition example 2


Creating your value proposition should be part of your website content planning process.

Have you got a value proposition on your website?





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