What is an ideal client avatar and why do I need one?

by | May 8, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Website Planning

How many times have you heard that you need to define an ideal client avatar? A few times, I bet. And did you download a free ‘template’ fill in a fe bits and bobs like age, name, marital status then wonder why those details were important?   You’ll work with anyone right? You don’t mind. So why bother anyway?

The problem with ideal client avatar templates

You see, the big problem with the advice out there is it’s very top level. There are two massive pieces of the avatar jigsaw missing, so it’s no wonder you don’t bother. You can’t see the value or purpose in such a brain crunching exercise.

The two jigsaw pieces that are missing from templates are:

Templates don’t go into enough detail about emotional transformation. Emotions are why people buy so understanding their emotions is key to selling.

Templates don’t tell you how to use the data. Why is a photograph important? Why is their age important? Do you really care about what books they read?  You need to understand where the value is in the data you are collecting and how to use it in your marketing. This is super important for your website and if you want to find clients online.

The current training around avatars leads you to believe it should be a quick process you need to do one but I tell all my client, it’s a lifelong process that is never done. So there is no point feeling overwhelmed. Once you understand the sort of information you are looking for and why you will start to find that information naturally. As you browse online, as you have conversations with clients. As you even talk to your friends. You will be surprised how easy it becomes when you understand what you are doing and why you need to do and how you are going to use the information.

So, let’s get started.

What is an ideal client avatar?

An ideal client avatar is a fictional character made up from a combination of personality traits, emotional characteristics, and behavioural characteristics of the person who is perfect for the service you are providing. Depending on the service there may even be physical characteristics.

The avatar can have other names, you may also hear ‘buyer persona’ or ‘customer persona’, whatever you may hear it all refers to a segment of your target market. The segment that are perfect for your offer.

It contains a detailed description of all aspects of that person, such as likes, dislikes, behaviour, hopes & dreams.

The important thing to remember is they are ‘perfect for your service’. Even though ‘everyone’ can use your service, not everyone is perfect for it.

Why is it important to define an ideal client avatar?

It is important to define your Ideal Client Avatar because this is the foundation to creating, marketing and selling your products and services.

Without knowing who your ideal client your marketing will be less effective.

When you know who is perfect for your service you can create more focused marketing that will attract the perfect clients.

When you work with perfect clients you get better results, better testimonials, better referrals. You even start to love your work!

When you work with ‘anyone’ you risk working with people who are not perfect for your services. You find yourself working with clients who don’t get the results or outcome you hoped, you get bad reviews and they may refer equally bad clients. You end up not liking your work and wondering why you went into business in the first place!

Knowing your ideal client can really make or break your business.

When you take the time to create an avatar you will gain a deeper understanding into the fears and the desires of your ideal client. You get clear on who you are selling to. You begin to understand what motivates them to buy and what objections they might have to overcome before they buy.

You will be able to write better content and fine tune it to speak directly to them, make them feel understood and ultimately, persuade them to buy from you. Overall it makes your marketing more effective. You can even begin to create better products and services for your market.

Successful businesses are built upon strong sales and marketing foundations. Knowing who the ideal client is for any service or product is the first step in building these foundations.

Without knowing who they are, what they struggle with and how you can help, the future success of your business will be at risk.

If you don’t know who you want to sell to or why they want to buy from you, you will find sales and marketing incredibly hard. You wont be able to write engaging content that attracts your ideal client, makes them feel understood and converts them into paying clients.

Your content can be used to build relationships with your ideal clients. It can be used to build trust and credibility. If your content is written with your ideal client in mind it can really ‘hit the spot’ and make your ideal client feel like you understand them and you can be trusted to help solve their problems.  You want them to feel like their search is over, they don’t need to look any further because they want to work with you.

If you don’t spend the time to really get to know your ideal client you will struggle in many areas of your marketing. You will struggle to;

  • Write website copy, including your home page, your about me page and your sales pages.
  • Write adverts, including tag lines, ad copy and calls to action.
  • Create lead magnets.
  • Build a great blog.
  • Write social media posts.
  • Create products and services that they need
  • You are just going to make life really hard for yourself and you will wonder why nothing works.

So, let’s get things right from the start, and that starts with defining your ideal client avatar.

My business is new and I have had no clients, do I still need to create an ideal client avatar?

It is possible to sell your services without an ideal client avatar and you will hear people tell you that you don’t need to waste your time doing this, especially if you are new. I disagree. I think you do need to do this work. If your business is new you probably wont know much about your ideal client avatar, but you need to start somewhere. A guess is better than nothing, then you can improve your guesses as you start working with different people.


How to get further help defining your ideal client avatar

I’ve seen my clients gain so much clarity and marketing confidence once they have worked with me on defining their ideal client avatar. Once they have their clarity they can update their website with the new knowledge they have found to make it more marketing and sales focused. They also start to get more creative with their marketing ideas!

If you would like my help I have an avatar coaching service where we will focus on only your avatar or I have a 4 week website planning service.

My website planning service is a 4 week process. In week one, we discover who your ideal client is before we do anything. I also do 1 week ideal client avatar coaching. If you are interested defining your ideal client then please take a look at my services or book a Q and A session with me here. 

Not ready to contact me just yet? That’s ok. I have a post here that rounds up my ‘A to Z of defining your ideal client avatar’ series I posted on social media. You will find more tips on how to create you ideal client avatar here.


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