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What is the difference between Transactions and Unique Purchases in Google Analytics

You have installed Google Analytics, that;s a great start. Next you have enabled E-Commerce tracking, another good start (you might be surprised that this step can be forgotton by some busy online store owners). So you have all that set up, you wait a few days, the orders come in then you go and check your data… what awaits??

The first place you excitedly look is your e-commerce overview. If you are wondering where that is you can find it by going to;

Conversions -> E-commerce -> Overview

The first thing you see is you summary.

Purchases and transactions

Most of it makes sense, but the transactions and unique purchases?? What are they?

One easy way to answer that is simply by clicking on the ‘View Full Report’ link at the bottom right of the page. This will open up another window that will shed some light on the difference between transactions and unique purchases in your Google Analytics account.

So, when you click on ‘View Full Report’ you will see the following screen.

Difference between transactions and unique purchases

You will see there is a column called Unique Purchases. Product 1 had 3 unique purchases. That means it was bought 3 times in 3 unique transactions. Product 2 shows 1 unique purchase. The purchaser bought 2 lots of product 1 but it was still classed as one unique purchase.

Transactions is the number of completed checkouts. Your customer can purchase more than one item during the checkout process. In the example here, 15 unique items were purchased in 4 transactions.

Quantity is simply the quantity of goods that were sold.

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