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Why should your website be like a game of chess?

Why should your website be like a game of chess?

The goal of this article is to help you understand the importance of having a strategy (or a plan), before you start creating a website.

Start with a strategy

If you have ever played chess you will know how important it is to have a game plan in your head right from the start. You need a good idea about what you want to achieve and how you are going do it, before you even make your first move. You must set up your board right, mistakes will not be tolerated. With your website, you need to know what you want it to do and you need a plan for how it is going to do it. We firmly believe websites need to be developed around strategy and goals. Websites that don’t have a thought out strategy will be useless and require redesigning in a few years.

Evolve your strategy

A winning chess strategy is flexible. As the game evolves, your strategy evolves. When your opponent makes a move, you re-think and re-plan before making your next move. With your website, once you know who your  competitors are, you can create a plan to outsmart them. You can watch them, see what they do. If it affects you, you can plan a counter move.

Business is a bit more complicated than chess

In the real world, you probably have several competitors. That’s the equivalent of several games of chess at the same time. If you truly want to be competitive you always need to be monitoring and planning. You need to stay on top of it. It takes time and resources. It’s tough at the top and you always need to watch your back. You see, if you are successful, your competitors will be watching you.

There is good news

The internet is fairly transparent. You can see what your competitors are doing if you know where and how to look. This will help you stay one step ahead. You can measure the success or failure of your activities. You can change your strategy when necessary. You can stay ahead of the competition. You need to have a strategy and monitor it and know how to change it if it’s not working. You can do all of this with the right help.

Don’t be random; research and plan

You need to research and plan – before you even think about colours or fonts, you need to research and plan.

You need to think about your sales process and how your website can play a part in that. How many interactions people have

A website without research and a plan is a website on a whim. If it does a good job of bringing new customers to your business it will be by luck and not design.

And we all know that luck eventually runs out, and then guess what happens? Another website on a whim redesign.

Your strategic plan needs to include monitoring your competition. It needs to help you make strategic moves.  You don’t want to be making random moves that will badly affect your ability to win. At Weider Web Solutions we design web sites around strategy and we help you plan strategic updates too. Read our continuous care program. We want you to be a winner!

Key takeaways

  • A website without a strategy is like playing chess in the dark.
  • Your strategy needs to be flexible to stay competitive.
  • You need to monitor your strategy and have a plan for changing it if it is no longer helping your business.

A Weider Web Solutions Website will always be developed around a strategy. 

We can monitor the performance of your strategy and make adjustments when necessary.

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Action steps

Now it’s your turn. Can you see how an evolving strategy can make your website more valuable? Think about your current strategy. Do you have one? Is it time to revisit it? If you don’t have one, think about how your website should be contributing to your business. Try to write a simple website strategy.

Include the following

  • how you are going to get visitors to your website
  • what the goal of the website is
  • what are the steps your visitors need to complete to reach their goals
  • how will you capture lead information
  • what will you do once you have lead information

If this feels like a lot of work, we can help you with your strategy. Apply for a free website review to get the ball rolling.

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