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Why you need Google Tag Manager

Do you really need another tool to add to your tech overload? Well, this tool called Google Tag Manager is an absolute must. It actually reduces stress!  It is true? Can a FREE tool from Google called Google Tag Manger really reduce your stress? Normally, any web ‘tools’ just add to stress levels.

There is always a learning curve.

There is the jargon to learn.

And at the end of the day… do you really need it anyway????

I get it. Website tech is not where your natural talents lie. It takes a special type of person to love the tech challenges owning a website can bring. Let’s face it, I’m sure you would rather Russian than learn tech tools, or perhaps they feel like the same thing?

Whatever, I know the challenges you are facing with your website tech.

Can you avoid it? Yes you can, you can always avoid it. But, let’s just think about it for one moment.

Avoidance isn’t really the strategy to adopt when you want to increase your visibility online. Hiding from the hard stuff will keep you small. Especially when it’s just you. You need to be a jack of all trades until you earn enough that you can tell someone else to do it for you. But even then, if you don’t know what can be done, how will you know when to hire that help?

It’s a bit like not knowing about car maintenance. Yo could drive your car for a few years until it just broke beyond repair – or it was very complicated and pricey to repair. Or you could just regularly get things looked at and maintained. You don’t want to be the person ‘who didn’t know’ they had to top the oil up every so often.

So don’t hide from the challenge, now when they have been created to make your life more simple and stress free, just like Google Tag Manager.

Let me explain to you what life is like if you don’t use Google Tag Manager.

google tag manager reduces stress

Once you start to become more visible online, you really need to understand what marketing efforts are working for you and what is not. Is blogging your strength? Is it social media? You want to know this so you can make data based ‘grown up’ decisions about your future marketing. marketing costs, in time and money – a wise business owner tracks those costs and the return on investment. The FREE tool to help you track your marketing efforts is Google Analytics. To install google Analytics on your site you ned to add some code to your site.

Sounds easy enough right? And it is. Some  WordPress themes have a place to put the code. You can even get plugins to help you add the code. But here is the first problem. You need to remember where you put the code. I had to debug a site that had two instances of Google Analytics tracking code and it took a while to find the second one. It had been hard coded into the themes files. While there were two instances of code on the website the data wasn’t being gathered correctly causing incorrect data analysis which was a problem for this business because they were using blogging as a way to get more visibility.

Another client of mine was using Google adverts and some other third party advertising tools. They had about 10 snippets of code of their site. They were paying for ads on Twitter and Linkedin. I was optimising their site for speed. The pages were so slow to load. When I looked into what was slowing the site down it was clear all these extra snippets of code was having a negative effect on the load speed of the website pages, which impact the conversion rate (people don’t hang around for slow pages to load).

What is life like with Google Tag Manager?

google tag manager makes you feel in control of your website

Each time you need to add a snippet of code to your website you add it via the Tag Manager tool. You can see all of your tags (snippets of code) in one place.

You never have to hunt for code.

Your site will load faster.

You will learn a standard, repeatable way of adding code to your site (only one learning curve).

If you want a developer to do it for you, it’s a really straight forward task and they never have to go into your live website – ever.

You will spend less time scratching your head every time you are told to ‘add this code to your website’.

You will feel more in control of your website and less reliant on others (if that is what you want).

Honestly, Google Tag Manager is the way to go. Google developed it to help you. So use it!

How to get started with Google Tag Manager

In my group I have a free masterclass coming up this Friday. Come join my group to watch it and get your questions answered.


Don’t try to piece it together yourself, get a quick, intensive training – with Q and A!

See you in there 🙂


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