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A friendly, intensive ‘get it done’ workshop for women who want to build their own WordPress website quickly, with clarity and confidence!


Monday 20th January 2020

My House – Long Ashton

Introducing the final workshop in a series of 3 essential WordPress basics workshops…


Build a Basic WordPress Website Workshop

Building a website using WordPress shouldn’t take you months. I am going to show you some fantastics tips and shortcuts so you can get most of it built within a day! 

Have you heard horror stories about WordPress being really hard to use?

Are you contemplating using ‘simple’ website builders such as Wix or Squarespace but secretly worried they won’t fulfil your needs in the future?

Don’t you just wish someone could show how to get started with WordPress so you can start (and finish) your website quickly and without stress and hassle?

 How would you feel if I told you I have the perfect workshop for you.

-> For the woman who may have struggled in the past with WordPress but wants to give it another chance.

-> For the entrepreneur who wants to be able to update her website quickly without waiting around for expensive designers and developers.

-> For the confident lady who knows WordPress is the best solution for her website but she would just love a helping hand from a friendly, non-patronising WordPress coach to help her get started the right way.

During the Build a Basic WordPress Website Workshop I am going to help you create a website quickly, without overwhelm and without stress. 

You are going to be able to ask me anything during the day while you build your website and if you get stuck then I’ll be right at your side to help you over any hurdles and challenges you may experience.

 You will learn about the tips and tricks I use to build websites, the ones I have taken over 8 years to find! 

You are going to feel so confident at the end of the day you will definitely be wondering what all the fuss and procrastination was about.  

 You may know by now that my core purpose is to give you the essentials you need to feel empowered to build your own website.

Without needing to pay for expensive extras such as designers and developers.

 I truly believe if you want to do-it-yourself then there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

It just needs a bit of direction from someone who has built many websites!



Why this workshop is important

I wanted to do this workshop for you because I see small businesses like yours doing one of two things.

1. Building their own website and struggling for months. Only to end up with something they are too embarrassed to promote.

2. Paying for a  cheap and very limited website when they could have put that money to far better use in the early days of business.

 In the early days you don’t need;

  • A fancy website 
  • A hundred bells and whistles
  • To waste time getting your site built following a  designers lengthy process
  • More stress and overwhelm 

You need;

  • A simple website that supports your marketing
  • To save your money for times when months may be a bit tight
  • To spend your time finding clients, not on struggling to build your website or having endless conversations with a designer


During my past 8 years buiding and optimising websites I have tried out several website platforms. I have tried several WordPress themes and many WordPress plugins. I have also seen the gory insides of WordPress websites that have been built by a wide range of designers and I am sadenned to see that you guys get a rough deal.

Heres why;

>> It’s not until you want to add something to your website that you realise the designer holds the virtual keys to your site and you can only use them to make updates. That means you can’t get the SEO expert you really want to improve your site, or you can’t get the site speed improved (because your designer doesn’t know how). I have tons of examples where being tied to your designer is very bad for the growth of your online prescence.

>> They charge you for plugins and themes that you don’t actually own. This leaves you really stuck when it comes to updating the software. Most times you will need to purchase the license when you thought everything was included in the price!

>> They say your website is SEO optimised but all that means is they have installed an SEO plugin. There is so much more to optimising a website for search than just installing a plugin.

It makes me mad to see you trust in the ‘experts’ and then get a bad deal.

When you do it yourself you still have the following hurdles to overcome;

>> You only have Google to help you and sometimes the info is out of date or just plain wrong.

>> You have to do all the trial and error phase yourself while you test out various themes and plugins. This can cost you in both time and money.

>> Building websites is not passion so you will dread it and come to hate it because you will find yourself struggling and wasting time.


My website building process;

>> Cuts out the designer, saving you lots of money

>> Gives you the right inforamtion so you know how to build your website properly

>> Cuts of the Googling so you can build your website quickly

>> Gives you the confidence to continue updating your website without the need for designers


If you want to save time, money and avoid bad web designers, this is the workshop for you!



What you will do during the workshop

Set up WordPress

You will learn how to set up the WordPress settings correctly. 



You will learn how to install the Divi theme and configure the settings.


Opt in forms

You will learn how to add forms to your site where visitors can opt in to your email list.


You will create your basic pages including home, about, contact, services, prices, testimonials, privacy policy and terms and conditions.


You will learn how to create and display menus at the top and bottom of your website.


Page templates

You will learn how to create a page template to re-use throughout your website.

Library items

You will learn how to create and re-use library items throughout your website.

Contact forms

You will learn how to add contact forms to your website.

You also get;

Feedback on your plan. I wil tell you if you have anything missing. If you have no plan, I will give you a basic website layout to build. 

Bespoke designed sections. The opportunity to request content block wireframes to be built for you. A wireframe is the outline of a page design. it shows where the content goes but it doesn’t have any colours or styles applied. I provide many wireframe sections so you can quickly buld your design.  If you give me your website sketches I will make sure I have the wireframes sections ready for you to insert into your design during the workshop. (Conditions apply)

Continued support. Two follow up group support sessions. You will get the chance to ask more questions and help you if you get stuck finishing yor ebsite after the workshop.

Lifetime access to the theme Divi. 



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You have a ‘have a go’ personality and while tech may not be your strength, you are willing to have a go and give it your best shot.

You don’t freak out when something technical goes wrong. You can keep a calm head and you are willing to invest the time it takes to ‘work it out’.

You have a business that will be evolving so it’s important for you to know how to plan and execute website changes.

You are currently looking to be supported while you get your website up and running with the least time, effort and cost possible.


You want someone else to design your website. Each designer has their own way of building a website so they might want you to follow their own planning process.

You want to build your own website but you get very stressed when things go technically wrong. Even for me, an experienced WordPress developer, the tech has hiccups and problems that are unexpected and unexplained. If you really can’t face that then it’s best you get someone to build your site for you.

You are purely an e-commerce business.


How will this workshop benefit you?


You will feel clear on the purpose of your website so you can avoid adding extras you don’t need.


Save time

You will save time because you will follow my website building process. You won’t need to waste time Google ‘How to’ or making mistakes. I will answer your questions quickly and keep you moving!


You will feel confident to build your website because I will show you tips and tricks that make the process easier than you can imagine.

Save money

You will save money because you won’t need a designer.

A finshed website

You will walk away with a finished website. If you feel the need to continue building your website I will continue to support you.


Less stress

You will be less stressed because your website project will feel manageable and you will have access to someone who can answer your questions.

Q and A

I have a website already, how would this workshop work for me?

If you have an existing website I will give you a plugin instead of a theme that will work alongside your current theme. You will build draft versions of your pages that will replace your exiting pages when you are ready. 

What is included in the workshop?

My library of wireframe content blocks designed for you to rapidly build your web pages. Each block is ready for you to add your branding and content.

The theme Divi with lifetime updates.

2 extra hour long group support sessions.

Lifetime access to course material.

What do I need to get started?

Ideally you need a blank WordPress installation. That means no pages, themes or plugins set up. 

If you already have a website I can show you how to build pages along side your current design.

If you have no WordPress installation, I can give you a demo site to practice on. At the end of the workshop you will download your website files ready for when you do have a WordPress installation. 

I haven't chosen a colour scheme yet, can I still build a website?

Yes, you can still build a website without a colour scheme. You can choose one of the default colour schemes that comes with the Divi theme. You can change this at a later date when you have settled on a colour scheme that you like.

What pages will I build?

This workshop is to help you build a simple website so the pages you will build are; 

Home page


Services (or similar)

Pricing page if necessary.

Testimonials page if necessary.



Website terms and conditions

Website privacy policy

What won't I be able to add to my website during the workshop?

I won’t be talking about;



Pop up forms

Payment buttons

Social media feeds

Graphic design

Who is this workshop ideal for?

This workshop is ideal for you if you are just starting out in business and want to get a simple, professional looking website set up quickly, without spending too much time on it and without spending too much money.

If you are looking for e-commerce, memeberships sites, funnels, SEO or building training courses into your site then this workshop will be too basic for you. 

Please contact me to register your interest so I can notify you when I have a workshop for those subjects.

Do you guarantee I will come away with a website?

No, unfortunately I can not. The following things will increase the time it takes you to build your website;

The number of pages you want to build.

The look you want to achieve with your website.

The features you want.

Your ability to learn and remember what I show you.

Your ability to be decisive on the day. 

If you don’t complete your website on the day, don’t worry. I also include two follow up sessions to support you and answer your questions.

What happens if I don't finish my website during the workshop?

Your ability to be decisive on the day.

If you don’t complete your website on the day, don’t worry. I also include two follow up sessions to support you and answer your questions.

The time and date will be decided nearer the time.

How much does the workshop cost?


Do you offer refunds?

No I don’t but you can transfer the place to another person.

I can't make this workshop, what are my choices?

You can register your interest and I’ll email you when the next workshop is going ahead. Alternatively, you can hire me on a 1 to 1 basis where we can spend half a day building your website together.

More questions? Send me a Facebook message right now and I will answer as soon as I can!

About Karen Weider, your workshop hostess.

About Karen Weider, your workshop hostess.

Karen Weider is the owner of Weider Web Solutions. She is a website developer and digital marketing consultant. For the past 8 years Karen has been building websites with WordPress. She uses tailored lead generation strategies to help clients turn their websites into lead generating sites. She also uses Google Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO to increase the visibility of her clients websites.

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