MY CARE & maintenance PLAN Process

The White Glove service is unique compared to many other care plan providers, read my process to find out why.

Initial call

If you are serious about getting help with your website and you have the budget, set up a Q and A call with me.

I will ask you lots of questions to make sure the service is right for you. If you require additional services on top of what is included in the White Glove service we will discuss this and how much extra it may cost.

You can ask me lots of questions to make sure I am the right service provider for you.

There will be no hard sell. I will send you a quote and you can take your time to think things over. If you accept the quote I will send you a link to make the payment.

Payment & On-boarding

Once your payment has been accepted the on-boarding process will begin.

You will immediately gain access to your client dashboard where you can fill out the on-boarding questionnaire. Here you can share with me all the important details I need before I can start maintaining and caring for your website.

Care plan created

Once the questionnaire is filled out and I can access your site, I will create a care plan according to your needs.

It will contain details of when updates will occur, what tests (if any) will happen. What pages will be manually checked. It will be unique to your website, theme and plugins.

Site transfer & update

I will then transfer your website over to my hosting service.

I will update all necessary plugins etc and fix any errors that occur due to the update. All subsequent updates will be carried out on a staging site before deploying changes to your live site.

I will manually check the pages as set out in the care plan and I will perform any manual tests as set out in the care plan.

Secure & Back up

Before I do anything else, I will secure your site and make sure it’s backed up.

I will perform a site scan and look for malware and remove it if found.

I will do this on a daily basis.

Site speed up & monitoring

Once the site is updated, error free, secure & backed up I will speed optimise it.

The goal is to achieve higher that 85% in Google Page Speed insights.

I will manually check the speed of the pages set out in the care plan and take steps to improve their speed according to your hourly allocation.

I will repeat this on a monthly basis.

Broken link checker & up-time monitoring

I will set up my broken link checker and up-time monitoring services.

I will be notified if your site goes down so I can investigate the problem.

I will check and rectify broken links on a monthly basis, according to your hourly allocation.

Spam and data base clean-up

I will look through your spam comments and remove any obvious spam comments.

I will clean up your data base, saving you space and speeding up your database in the process.

I will do this on a monthly basis.

Traffic & conversion report

I will create your traffic and conversion report in Google Data Studio and have this sent to you each month.

SEO power hour

I will run a mini SEO audit on your website. We will get together over zoom to discuss the results and decide on a plan of action for the next 3 months.

Each month I will perform a mini SEO audit and fix and optimise your website according to your hourly allocation as discussed during the power hour.

You can also opt for SEO coaching if you would rather do it yourself.

We will repeat the power hour every three months to make sure your SEO is on track.

Website updates

I will carry out any website updates you need.

You can request a content tweak at any time.

You can also request larger tasks such as adding a new page, adding new functionality at any time.


You can contact any time me via a support email for any queries you have

Monthly report

You will receive a monthly report containing a summary of the work that has happened on your website.

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