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Hi, I’m  Karen, I offer Google analytics consulting services. I may be a certified google Analytics Individual but I’m not your average geek. I’m friendly and talk plain English and I’m a mum of two. I also love going for a curry and then spending the week running to burn it off! (talk about balanced lifestyle) 

I can help you improve your marketing and your website using Google Analytics. I work with small businesses with big ambitions. I offer Google Analytics consulting alongside several other marketing skills I have. Analytics alone isn’t enough to help you grow your business. I also help small businesses strategise and build funnels and websites. Then, using my SEO, Google ads and Facebook ads experience I help them get traffic too. So, analytics is only a small part of the big digital marketing jigsaw.

If you use your website to market your business then you must be curious about how well your marketing is performing. Especially when performance really affects your bottom line. A good marketing campaign and a good website can really help your business grow. You know that Using Google Analytics will tell you what parts of your marketing are working, and what parts are not.  Not only that, but google analytics can track how visitors use your site so you can analyse their behaviour and make decisions about whether your marketing and website are actually growing your business.  But where do you actually begin when it comes to Implementing and understanding Google analytics?

Thats where a certified google analytics consultant, like me, can help. I have a simple 5 step process that makes sure you get the service that is right for your business.

Step 1: Google analytics Audit 

What is it you are trying to measure? Have you got your goals and tracking set up correctly? Its easy to get it wrong. If you are not collecting data correctly, all of your analysis will be wrong and you will end up making the wrong decisions for your business. An audit will identify any problems with your set up and will contain the steps you need to put it right.

Step 2: Measurement Plan

Once I understand the state of your current analytics and I we have discussed your business goals I will create a measure meant plan so you can get meaning full insights from your data. Now we now where you are going!

As a consultant I can analyse your needs and implement a Google Analytics solution that is suitable for you business. Enabling you to see your data in a way that helps you make data driven decisions.

Step 3: Google Analytics configuration and implementation.

Using my own detailed configuration checklist I will ensure your account is configured correctly . This will eliminate any issues with data quality. Some of the checks include your property and view settings, creating views as necessary,  and making sure you have adequate goal tracking set up.

Understanding your data is only possible once Google Analytics has been configured and implemented according your individual business needs. Google analytics is not a one size fits all tool.

Step 4: Google data studio.

I will also build dashboards for you using Google data studio enabling your data to be presented to you in a visual way you understand and not just in what feels like random lines and dots!

Step 5: Google analytics ongoing management and support or training.

Once you analytics is set up and you have a measurement strategy in place, you might want to consider ongoing support. This includes regular data checks to make sure your data is still clean. You will need regular reports and data insights too so you get the full value from your data. You can also opt for training at this point if you prefer to do it yourself.

Not convinced you need google analytics?

Some of questions Google Analytics can help you understand.

Which traffic channel is bringing the most valuable traffic to your website so you can allocate your marketing budget accordingly.

Is your SEO traffic bringing you leads and sales?

Who are your most loyal and valuable visitors?

Which marketing campaigns are bringing the most sales?

Which parts of your sales funnel should you improve?

Which parts of your website need redesigning?

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