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How to download your Facebook live video I have been creating some Facebook live videos on my Facebook business page (  please take a look! Like most of you, I am super busy and I'm always looking for shortcuts, quicker ways of doing things and...

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how to download your facebook live video

Do I need a contact form on my website

Facebook Live Videos! No you don't need a contact form on your website. Now some of you may choose to disagree with me, that's fine. Free speech...

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How do you grow a business?

I'll keep this simple, there are three ways to grow a business, no more, no less. Growing a business might sound complicated but really, thee are only three ways to grow a business. I learned about business growth when I took the 'Customer Value...

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How are you growing your business

How to create intrigue with your copy

Your content is what will sell you, your programs and your services. If your content is boring, your readers won’t get past the first few lines. You don’t need to have a masters qualification at content writing to get people to read. You can get a good read through...

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How do I build a sales and marketing funnel?

Once you realise how much freedom a funnel can bring to your business and life, next you need to learn how to build one. In this post I am only able to tell you the building blocks you need. To tell you how to build a funnel would take a lot more than I can cover...

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What is a funnel and other funnel FAQs

What is a funnel? If you are brand new to funnels, I have a summary of marketing and funnel terminology that you can download to help you understand what the heck I'm talking about! [thrive_leads id='1484'] So, what is a funnel? A funnel is simply a series of steps...

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Sales funnel image