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This post relates to my Facebook group The Entrpreneurs Growth Lab. The purpose of this group is for me (Karen Weider) to share my experience and learning as I build and grow my conversion rate optimisation business. My mission is to bring conversion rate optimisation to small businesses. It is usually a service for large, established businesses because of the cost of the tools and the time consuming nature of testing.

Since Google launched their free tool Google Optimize, small businesses have been able to optimise their sites too.

The group is mainly to help Women E-commerce Entrepreneurs grow their business using data analysis and split testing. If you have a lea generation website you can still benefit from the tons of training and advice that you will find in the group.

I want you to benefit from my knowledge so you can take inspired action so you can grow your business and make it more profitable.

This group is a promotion free zone (except for me) but you will have the chance to showcase your business. I will reach out to you or you can contact me directly if you would like to be the business of the week. I will be promoting my free and paid services from time to time.

I will provide training in the group, you should make the most of these opportunities to learn and apply the training to your business. I will have Q and A sessions where you can get your questions answered.

I want you to analyse your data and try out your own tests, you can get feedback from me in the group.

Ask others for help and offer help if you can. Ask about growth strategies, analytics and testing.

If you want to learn, ask. I will do what I can to help you grow your business in a sustainable, predictable way.

So to get you started, first read this post https://www.weiderweb.com/data-analysis-essential-business/ about data analysis and why it’s important for growth.

Then read this post about Google Analytics. https://www.weiderweb.com/problem-google-analytics-3-things-you-really-need-to-know/

If you have questions as them in the group where I will be delighted to help you.