You can’t optimise your site for search engines without tools! In this article I list the tools I use and they all have a FREE level so you can use them even if you are just starting out.

Search Engine Optimisation – Data Analysis Tools

Tool 1: I highly recommend getting the free version of SEMRush. A free tool where you can see all the errors on your site. This is perfect for small websites of up to 100 pages.  Sign up here for your FREE trial 

Tool 2: You need Google Analytics! It’s free! Grab my free mini training course about setting it up and configuring it here ->> Get the free Google Analytics training.

Once you have it installed be sure to check out my blog articles about Google Analytics ->> Check out the Google Analytics blog

Tool 3: You need Google Webmasters Tools (aka Google Search Console) ->> Sign up here it’s FREE


Search Engine Optimisation – Research

Tool 4: Mangools for keyword research

Tool 5: The Google keyword planner tool

Tool 6: The Chrome browser ‘Keywords everywhere’ extension.

Other tools to keep you sane!

Passpack or any other password tool. Keep your passwords safe and in a place you won’t forget!


Are there any tools you use and recommend? Let me know in the comments below.


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