Google Analytics Articles

In this section of the blog you will find all of my Google Analytics articles where you will find tips, Google Analytics free training and tutorials and access to a Facebook group where you get support on any training you find here. In fact, there are additional trainings in my group that you wont find here. Google Analytics is a FREE tool built by Google to help you understand your website traffic and visitor behaviour. It’s not good enough to just open an account. you need to configure the settings properly and set up goals before your data can make sense.

If you use this tool right it will help you identify the weaknesses in your marketing and in your website. It is the first place to look when considering a website redesign or when planning a new marketing campaign. The data is there to help you make better, data driven decisions to help you grow your business. I strongly advise learning the basics so you can appreciate the power of this tool.

You don’t need to be an expert. You can always hire someone to help you analyse your data if you need it. But I would say you need to grasp the basics so you know when to hire help.

I hope you find some value in these articles. If you are looking for something not covered here then contact me and I will add it.

My Google Analytics services include preparing reports, configuring accounts and setting up Google Data Studio, coaching you to set up your own account and intensive walk through sessions to bring you up to speed with your own data.

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