Google Analytics Coaching For Beginners

What is it?

It is a series of training videos that walk you through how to set up your Google Analytics account.

You also get 4 weeks of email support to answer any questions that arise.

You also get 2 x 30 minute Skype calls once you have completed all the activities so I can walk you through what your data means.

What is covered?

  • Setting up views.
  • Setting up filters.
  • Setting up goals.
  • Setting up search.
  • Setting up e-commerce.

Who is this for?

  • E-commerce website owners just starting out.
  • Service providers who are marketing online.
  • Bloggers who want to monetise their website.

This is perfect for you if;

  • You want to be sure your analytics is set up correctly
  • You want someone to hold your hand while you get to know Google Analytics
  • You want someone who is available to answer your questions
  • You want to be able to understand some basic information to get you started


You can find Google instructions to help you do this alone but finding support when you get stuck is really difficult. If you think you might struggle alone then this is definitely for you.

Why choose me to help to you?

My honest answer is because I care a great deal about helping business owners like you become more aware of the performance of their website and marketing. I know you have either spent a lot of time or money or both on your website and on your marketing but many people don’t know how to increase the return on that investment. Because of the lack of understanding around analytics, it can feel daunting. But it is so useful. I don’t want tech to get in the way of your success. Everyone should be analysing their data. Everyone should be striving to improve their business. Data can show you the problems and give you a base from which to start. It all starts with setting it up correctly. I can help you with that. I have been working with Google Analytics for over 7 years and can help you get started in a relaxed environment where you can ask questions to your hearts content.

How much does it cost? 

For the training videos, 4 weeks unlimited email access and 2 x 30 min Skype calls, it will be;

£250 (+ VAT if applicable)


If after the 4 weeks you have completed the training and asked for support BUT you still haven’t been able to set up your account I will do it for you. BUT – you will have to show me that you have tried to follow my instructions.

I am sure you will agree this is a great deal and there is nothing quite like this on the market.

What next?

Email me at with “Google Analytics Coaching For Beginners” as the title, give me a description of your business, a link to your website and we will take it from there. Or you can use the form below.

Google Analytics Coaching For Beginners

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