The Growth Opportunity Report. 

Combining what I know about sales funnel strategy and what I know about conversion rate optimisation I present to you the perfect solution to you if you;

  • Know your website is underperforming but you don’t know where to make improvements
  • Have tried tweaking your website yourself but was unable to get more leads or make more sales
  • Have tried the scattergun approach to updating your website but now you want a plan to follow
  • Are done with wasting time and want to see more leads and sales from your website much quicker
  • Realise the only way to truly make worthwhile improvements is to analyse your data but you don’t know where to start


Then you need to get your hands on;

The Growth Opportunity Report. 

This is a tailored, in-depth report about your website or e-commerce store. It identifies your current opportunities for growth by looking at your visitors behaviour. 

This report will help you in the following ways.

  • It will stop you guessing at how to improve your website and enable you to start using data to direct your improvements so you can get better results from your improvements
  • It will explain how you can get more leads and sales from your website so you can understand where your problems are and start taking action so you can start to sustainably grow your business 
  • It will give you clarity and a plan for getting more leads and sales from your website so you can get your business out of it’s slump
  • It will help you focus on the important changes to make so you can stop making changes like button colours that have little effect


In your search for more online leads and sales you may have come across Conversion Rate Optimisation services, and one of those service is a Conversion Optimisation Report. This report will deep dive into your analytics and give you some insights into how you can improve your conversion rate. 

But, that’s not a holistic approach to growing your business. It does just focus on your conversion rate. What these guys may fail to tell you is that increasing your conversion rate is only part of the story. You see, you can increase the conversion rate on one page, but the changes you made can actually decrease the conversions on pages further down your funnel. Sometimes, causing a drop in revenue.

That is why I prefer to use the term “The Growth Opportunity Report”. Looking for ways to increase your conversion rate is important but your strategy of moving people through your sales funnel is also important. You could say they go hand in hand. Once you have traffic to your website, turning that traffic into paying customers should be the goal and increasing your conversion rate is part of that goal.

Let me explain what you get in the growth opportunity report to make it clearer.

1. Tools Set Up

It’s a common fact that business owners do not set up their analysis tools correctly. That’s why it’s the first thing I do.

There are two analysis tools I will set up for you.

Google Analytics

I will check your Google Analytics account and make sure it is set up for your needs. This often includes the following;

  • Set up Google Tag Manager (If required)
  • Correctly set up views
  • Correctly filter out referral spam data and user IP addresses
  • Set up goals and funnels. I will set up a goal to monitor your shopping cart so you can see where abandonment is happening.


HotJar Heat-mapping 

I will set up tracking tools on your site to collect the following data;

  • Visitor recordings – see how your website visitors are actually using your site.
  • Feedback surveys
  • Heat maps – see what visitors are clicking (3 pages only)
  • Scroll maps – see how engaged your visitors are with your content (3 pages only)
  • Form Analytics – identify problems with your forms (not always possible but I will try to implement this)


2. Web Design Report

I will check the design of your website against the best practices for web design. This will include e-commerce design if you have an e-commerce store. This is a valuable part of the report, especially if you designed your website yourself.

3. Sales Funnel Strategy Report

This part of the report will look at your sales funnel especially;

  • How you get leads into your business
  • How you convert those leads into customers
  • How you encourage visitors to come back to your website (think abandon cart)
  • How you encourage customers to make repeat purchases (up sells, down sells, re-ignite old customers)


4. The Data Report

After 1 week of collecting data (more if necessary) I will give you a full report on how visitors are using your website based on;

  • Google Analytics
  • HotJar reports

This will include insights into what your site is doing well and what it is not doing well. I will identify the problem areas and show you the data to back up any claims I make.

5. Recommendations

The final part of the report will cover the recommendations. I will cover;

  • Improvements to the design
  • Improvements to your strategy
  • A list of AB tests you should carry out


The test list will be defined so you understand which tests are likely to cause the biggest and easiest gains for you.

Some questions you may have about the report.

Q. How long does the Growth Opportunity Report take?

A. It will depend on your traffic. I will need at least a few hundred unique visitors to create the report. The report should take between 2 and 4 weeks to create.

Q. What will I need to do before you can create the report?

A. You will have to grant me admin rights to your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager account.

Q.How much time will I need to give you for you to create the report? 

A. I will need to interview you (the business owner) about your online marketing strategy, about your business, competition, your market. This may take a few hours of your time.

Q. What do I do with the report? 

A. Once you have the report you have the freedom to carry out your own tests and improvements or you can instruct me to carry out your tests for you.

Q. How much does the report cost? 

The report is £300 + VAT

Q. I have some more questions.

A. Please contact me so I can answer them (

Q. How do I buy the report? 

A. Please contact me so we can discuss working together.

Or why not book a FREE 30-minute consultation? We can discuss your requirements in more detail.

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