WordPress is powering over 27% of the internet according to Whoishostingthis.com. There is no denying it’s a great platform to build your website on. I am a big fan and from my experience of working on other platforms and hearing about problems other users have, WordPress wins every time.

If you are looking for online reviews about WordPress or other website builders you need to really careful. I have seen several review sites put down WordPress and say some completely untrue statements, like “you must know some html and CSS”. This is not true. Many review sites are acting as affiliates for the sites they are positively reviewing, i.e Wix. So if they can convince you to sign up for a Wix account they get a commission. Always find an independent review site like this one https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.wix.com

Desperate affiliate marketers are one reason building your own website ends up such a frustrating experience. You are led to believe it will all be plan sailing.

With WordPress it’s clever marketing of themes, plugins and builders that make it all seem so doable.


In reality…

It can be a real nightmare.

The biggest reason, is the lack of support. No matter what platform, to get your site built quickly, you need support.

Training courses can be found all over the internet but it’s not about the training, it’s about support and accountability.

That’s why I created the ‘I Heart My Website’ hybrid coaching service for people wishing to build their own website.

Hybrid means I can coach you and get hands on with your website if you need it. We all have our limits and if you reach yours I am here to help.

What is unique about the I Heart My Website program is that it is a bespoke coaching package based on your experience, technical ability and most of all your business needs.

I use a system of roadmaps that I have created that represent different needs in your business.

Find out more about the roadmaps and how you can use them to plan your own WordPress training plan.

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