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How to SEO your homepage

If your homepage is only appearing in Google when you search for your business name then you are missing out on lots of potential free traffic for your site. Knowing how to SEO your homepage will help you rank for your main keywords and help you attract new clients...

how to seo your homepage

What is a Google SERPS Check

When I am carrying out an SEO audit, one of the first things I do is a Google SERPS Check. This is a check to see if your website is listed in Google and has been correctly indexed.   If a website is not being indexed correctly then you may see no pages listed when...

what is a google serps check

Do your own Free SEO Audit

So, you want a free SEO audit hey? I have the perfect thing for you. Grab yourself a FREE SEMRush account. Did I mention it was FREE? Just head on over to SEMRush and sign up. You need an email address and a password. It's as easy at that. Once you have your...

FREE SEO Audit Do It Yourself SEMRush

SEO Services Bristol

Hello, I'm Karen, founder of Weider Web Solutions, a small SEO company in the UK. I have been building WordPress websites and optimising them for search engines since 2009. Weider Web Solutions works with small companies worldwide to provide SEO...