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Hello, I’m Karen. I have been building and optimising websites since 2009. I have been working as a freelancer whilst also working withseveral digital agencies in the UK. SEO doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It takes time and dedication. If you are looking for an honest and simple approach that gets results and you are willing to learn about SEO, then I have the perfect service for you.


SEO in 2018 and in the future is all about creating quality content that gets linked to. One of the problems is that if you outsource that content creation to someone else, you stand to lose a lot. It’s hard to find a good writer. Good writers are expensive. I think with a bit of practice YOU are the best person to write content for your business. It takes a bit of practice, but doesn’t everything.

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The other part to SEO that takes time is content promotion. Without this your SEO efforts will fall a bit short. Building up an audience of who to promote to takes time too. But audience building shouldn’t be the responsibility of the SEO person. As a business it is your responsibility to make sure you have an audience. This can be done on social media and through email marketing.


There are other ways to distribute content but that involves creating relationships with influencers who will share and link to your content. As you can see, SEO takes more commitment and more ‘real’ work than before. Before, you could buy links to some sub standard content and you were done. It’s getting harder to rank that way. Google only wants to promote experts, people in authority, who they trust. Proving you are that person or that business takes time.

I can help you in five ways.

  1. Technical SEO services. This is the act of performing the technical ground works for SEO. Making sure your website can be crawled, read, is fast and error free.
  2. Content strategy. I can help you develop a content strategy for 3, 6 or 12 months. We will identify what your ideal audience are looking for, what your competition is doing and come up with a range of content ideas that is good for your business but also feels right to you.
  3. On Page SEO. I can perform your keyword research and even add your blogs to your website making sure all the On Page SEO issues are taken care of.
  4. SEO training and coaching. I have a training course I will personally lead you through so you can do as much technical SEO as you can by yourself. You will also be shown the ropes on On page SEO (keywords and content)  and how to get started with Off page SEO (links) Then we can stay in touch on a regular basis so you can get further direction and support when you need it.
  5.  Reporting and insights. I am a whizz with analytics and can help you make sense of your data to help you understand how to improve your SEO ranking.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you please send me a message using the form below.

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Not ready to contact me yet? That’s fine. Let me help you out with these free resources instead. 

Where to start with SEO?

First things first, understand the SEO process.  Get my FREE guide "7 Steps to get better Google rankings" , download the guide here.

Next, You can't do SEO without tools!

Tool 1: I highly recommend getting the free version of SEMRush. A free tool where you can see all the errors on your site. This is perfect for small websites of up to 100 pages.  Sign up here for your FREE trial 

Tool 2: You need Google Analytics! It's free! Grab my free mini training course about setting it up and configuring it here ->> Get the free Google Analytics training.

Once you have it installed be sure to check out my blog articles about Google Analytics ->> Check out the Google Analytics blog

Tool 3: You need Google Webmasters Tools (aka Google Search Console) ->> Sign up here it's FREE

Take a look through my glossary and familiarise yourself with the SEO jargon.  Simple Search Engine Optimisation Glossary

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