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For budget-conscious businesses, solo-preneurs and bloggers who don’t know where to start with SEO

This is a safe place, welcome! You won’t be pushed into buying anything you don’t need. In fact, I encourage you to do as much SEO yourself as you can. Why? Because I believe in your ability to do SEO. With a little bit of coaching from me, I am confident that you can go a long way towards increasing your online visibility without having to pay expensive, ongoing SEO agencies. If you find the DIY route too challenging, you can also rely on me to continue the SEO implementation for you. I don’t know of any other SEO consultant or SEO agency that combines coaching and done for you services like I do. With Weider Web Solutions, you can experience a truly unique and bespoke service that not only increases your SEO knowledge, but benefits your business and your bank balance too. 

Q. What’s The problem with cheap SEO agencies today?

A. They focus too much on selling you recurring services in the form of link building which may not be in your best interests. Link building is part of ‘off page SEO’. It’s the stuff that happens off your website to increase your authority in the eyes of Google. If a website links to your website, Google sees that as a vote of confidence. So, a big part of SEO success is link building.

But, cheap agencies who do link building will do it a way that actually risks your reputation. They will use link farms and spammy websites to trick Google into thinking your website is more popular than it really is. In the long run this harms your website and can even get you blacklisted with Google. To avoid this you need to really do your research with SEO agencies. You need to have a good understanding of their link building tactics, if they wont tell you how they intend to build links then stay clear.

Did you know that some SEO freelancers remove all the links they built for you if you stop paying them. You get what you pay for so if you are going to pay for SEO services you really should go for a highly rated local agency. Meet the people first if you can to prove they are legitimate.

Not everyone has thousands of pounds to invest in the best agencies and that’s where I come in. I balance cost with your effort. I’ll get you started and to a point where you will only need me for the real techy stuff you can’t do yourself.

About you

You are a small business with a big heart and a big ambition to be visible online so you can increase your impact and change more lives. You want your website to appear in the search engine when people are searching for answers to problems that your business and blog solves. You (or someone you know) have been burned by SEO experts in the past who have taken your money and left you with little to show for it except a new found dislike for anyone with SEO in their job title. You believe SEO is expensive, complicated and potentially a waste of money. 

You’ve done your research

You know that SEO is one of the best online-marketing strategies but this makes the SEO service industry a feeding ground for unscrupulous SEO experts and SEO agencies who want to take your money in return for false promises, shady tactics and short lived (if any) results. Just ask around, it’s not hard to come across horror stories from small businesses who have trusted an SEO company with their hard earned cash and have had a bad experience.

Like some of my clients, perhaps you have been told by an SEO agency;

  • To wait months (and keep paying) until you see results (they just want the recurring income)
  • They can’t give details about the links they will build because it varies from month to month (they don’t want you to know about the cheap links they are buying for you)
  • To ‘get over it’ if you have concerns about your branding being affected by having your website placed on dodgy, irrelevant directories (they start to get worried when you raise legitimate concerns) 

Like some of my clients, may you have also experienced;

  • Low budget SEO agencies who claim to have your best interests at heart but don’t even look at your traffic stats (because they ONLY buy links – they do nothing – and I mean – nothing else)
  • Pushy sales tactics and scary jargon to confuse and pressure you into paying for services that you might not actually need
  • Intimidation, rudeness and threatening behaviour when you ask questions that the SEO agency do not like answering (yes it happens)

It’s no wonder you may have avoided SEO help because deep down you know finding someone who you can trust might take a long time, create a lot of stress and cost you a fair bit of money.

I don’t blame you

It’s really tough to find the right help, especially if you don’t have unlimited money to throw away while you work out who is best placed to help you. You need to keep hold of every penny until they can prove they are worthy of your custom. I’m with you. In fact, I get worked up just as much as you when I hear about another high pressure attempt to lure someone down the path of recurring SEO services when they might not need it. It really, really annoys me.

I’ll tell you why they annoy me…

These cheap SEO agencies, not just in the UK but worldwide, sell you links to your website. They will convince you that you need a lot to rank, but the honest truth is there are many other SEO activities to do before you build links. Also, the links they are selling you could belong to spammy link farms and private blog networks which could harm your site. If Google thinks you are trying to trick it by buying links they will penalise you and stop your traffic and remove your site completely from the search engines. But some SEO agencies wont tell you about the risk and they might not tell you there are other ‘one off’ tasks that could help you… Why? Because they want you to buy links from them (it’s cheap and easy money for them) and other SEO activities that are ‘one off’ activities, don’t generate recurring income for them. They just want your money.

Q. What is the solution, how do you succeed at SEO without the primary focus being link building?

A. You need to adhere to multiple ranking factors and dive deep into the technical and On Page SEO and continuously audit your website to make sure it’s following the latest guidelines.

On Page SEO

Now ANYONE can do On Page SEO. Each time you write a blog you just need to have done a little research before and have a handy SEO checklist to complete each time you write a blog or page for your site. Anyone can do it and it’s not something you want to be paying for if budget is a concern. With a little practice you can do this yourself as you write your website content. 

Technical SEO 

But Technical SEO, well that’s quite technical – obviously. If it’s not done properly it can affect your whole site’s ability to rank well, so no matter how many links you have to your website, no matter how good your On Site SEO is, if your technical SEO is screwed up you just.wont.rank.  End of.  If you enjoy a technical challenge then a bit of coaching will help you get your website technically correct. If you don’t like technical challenges then you need to pay for technical SEO. Don’t skip this, remember what I said about it if you get it wrong there is no point blogging and no point improving your backlinks.

Q. How do you know if bad technical SEO is affecting your online visibility?

A. You may experienced some of the symptoms my past clients have experienced, read the following client stories to learn more

Client 1: She had no search traffic at all

A client of mine couldn’t understand why they had no search traffic, they had been blogging for years. Sure there was direct traffic, social media traffic and a bit from email marketing but she wanted to be found on Google. During my SEO audit I found the cause of the problem. It was a tiny setting in a file that had been overlooked in WordPress. Once it was fixed, bam! People finally started to find the site in Google.

Client 2: Google crawled her website and saw thousands of low quality pages 

I have several examples of clients sites who also allowed Google to crawl everything, every tiny page, every nook and dust filled cranny. If your website has been around a while or has had any coding mishaps that could mean thousands upon thousands of pages being crawled that you would rather Google not see. Sounds dramatic right? But this is the sort of problem I help businesses fix and guess what???? I’ve seen search traffic double after managing what Google sees. When Google only sees quality relevant pages, it really gives you a traffic boost!  Google – and people – want quality not quantity.

Client 3: Thought they knew SEO and blogged regularly but couldn’t understand why they had very little traffic

My client had thought they were doing a great job with their SEO until my audit revealed a lot of skeletons in their website closet. Two of which I’ll mention here. Skeleton 1: A lot of low quality spammy sites were linking to them – ouch that’s gonna hurt your Google rankings. Skeleton 2: Duplicate content issues. I could actually demonstrate to them how Google was actually leaving out some of their content from the search results because it thought it was a duplicate of other content on their site. No wonder traffic was so low with less than half their blogs actually being shown in the search results.  My client knew some SEO basics but didn’t know how to dig around in Google analytics and Google Search Console. I did and my SEO audit uncovered a whole load of pain. But you would never know about these problems unless you knew where to look. Remember those cheap SEO agencies, the ones who only focus on link building? Well, they don’t look where I look. Which is a big shame for you because what if… what if your ranking improved by just improving your website technical SEO?

Q. What does this mean for you if you want to improve your search engine visibility?

A. You need to understand how SEO works, even if you want a professional to do it for you, otherwise you risk being ripped off and paying for the wrong SEO services. I’m not saying you need to be an expert, but you do need to know the basics. Read below for the summary of what you need.

You need;

  • A technically optimised website aka Technical SEO
  • Good content with good On Page SEO
  • A few Good quality links (not thousands of cheap, bought links) to tell Google your website is trusted and respected

There is no point in;

  • Link building if your site is full of errors
  • Writing amazing blog posts if your site is full of errors
  • Expecting to rank well if your site is full of errors

Do you see the theme here? Fixing those errors really needs to come first.

Fix your errors, then write some great content then distribute it and make it visible to get natural links. Reach out to other high quality blog owners for guest blogging and back link opportunities.

Q. What are your options for improving your Technical SEO and On Page SEO? 

A. You have four options, do it yourself, get someone to do it for you, get someone to help you do it or do nothing.

Option 1: Do it yourself

When budgets are tight it is very tempting to go down the DIY route. Many people do this and have some success. There is a lot of free SEO advice on the internet, but that can also slow your progress down. Where do you start? Who do you trust? What do you do if you have a question? How do you get it answered? This route can be very time consuming when you do it on your own and very frustrating when you have no support. SEO is a long game and it can take a while to see results but it will take even longer if you are learning it by yourself. It’s too easy to leave it for a week or so when you have no one holding you accountable! 

Option 2: Pay an SEO agency to do all the work

When I say pay an SEO agency, I’m not talking about a cheap SEO agency who just focuses on link building – we’ve already established why this is bad. I’m talking about a respected SEO agency who understands technical SEO and can implement it for you. The problem with this is most SEO agencies only offer technical SEO as part of ongoing SEO services and if you have budget constraints then paying high monthly fees is something I know you are looking to avoid.  Especially if you feel like you can do some of it yourself. 

Option 3: Combine SEO coaching with some SEO services to give you a head start

Now imagine if you could do your own SEO but under the direction of an SEO consultant who only wants the best for you. That would cut down your learning time drastically. Having an SEO coach who holds you accountable also helps you to stay focused and on track with your SEO activities, so you actually get it done. Which means you will see SEO results far quicker than if you were doing it totally alone. 

But… now you know there is a technical side to SEO and this could take a while to sort out, so imagine a coach who could do the tricky technical SEO for you, then coach you on the easier On Page SEO if you needed it.  It’s the best of both worlds. Help when you need it while you have full control over your budget. 

Option 4: Do nothing

If all this SEO talk is getting too much you can just close this page and do nothing about it. Maybe you will find in the future you may become visible in the search engines, but it’s more probable that if you are struggling now, you will still struggle in the future. Why? Because there are a few lucky websites that rank without much effort. They are probably in a low competition niche, the website content is good enough, there are very few technical problems on the website and they have managed to get a few high quality links without maybe even realising it. This can happen but it is the exception not the rule and if this hasn’t happened to you yet then it is very likely website needs some work. So either do nothing, but don’t expect your visibility to change or do something and get some help.

Q. Where can you find an SEO company offering those kind of hybrid SEO services?

A. Right here, Weider Web Solutions is an alternative SEO consultancy offering SEO services that are budget friendly and put you in control of your SEO success. 

Whether you want it all done for you or you want to do what you can yourself with support from someone who has your back, you will find my SEO service a breath of fresh air compared to what other ‘old skool’ SEO companies offer. I use SEO audits and action plans to simplify complex SEO into step-by-step processes that help businesses implement SEO with support and without feeling overwhelmed.


Choose from the following SEO services;

  1. SEO power hour £150 + VAT
    • Get a mini SEO audit and a 1 hr Q and A session where I highlight the top 3 – 5 tasks to focus on
    • Great to kickstart your SEO
    • Analytics walk through
  2. A 6 week SEO coaching plan £499 + VAT
    • Get a detailed SEO audit
    • Includes a 6 week action plan
    • Included unlimited email Q and A while you work your way through the plan
  3. SEO maintenance £depends on your budget
    • Ongoing audits
    • Ongoing technical fixes
    • Ongoing on page seo support
    • Ongoing coaching can be added
    • Included power hour every 3 months
    • Search console checks
    • Broken link check & fix
    • Can only be purchased with website care plan.
    • Protects your SEO rankings

Not sure where to start? Start with a power hour. or book a call with me to discuss.

Q. What is it like to be a client of Weider Web Solutions

A. You will be looked after, treated with respect and be helped to get visible in a way that suits your skills and your budget.


You decide you want help with your SEO. You get the ball rolling by filling out my questionnaire. Within 1 week you have a very detailed SEO report that covers a ton of stuff, most of it will be quite new to you. You will also have a 6 – 12 week SEO plan, with priorities, so you can see what tasks need to be done first.  This list is very valuable!  When you first look at the report it will feel quite alien to you which is why I include an hour consultation where we can clarify anything in the report and you can ask questions. Then I put you to work! As you work through the tasks I have set for you you will no doubt have questions and need clarification on some things. This is where you are free to email me and I will answer all your queries. The majority are on answered on the same day but it does depend what time you email me. If you email me at 5PM you may have to wait until the following day. No question is too silly. Doesn’t that sound better than waiting days on a forum to have your question answered by someone who might not even do SEO for their living!  To answer your questions I will share some of the best SEO content with you so you don’t need to spend hours trawling the internet. If you still need clarification I will find different ways of explaining things to you until you ‘get it’ and you are happy. My clients frequently thank me for being patient as we work through some complex SEO issues together. Explaining something 5 times in 5 ways is really no problem for me, I’ll do whatever it takes to help you, and if you are really struggling, remember I can do it for you if you upgrade your package. Or I offer ad hoc work at a preferential hourly rate while we are working together. 

In 6 weeks, if you can commit to a few hours a few times a week you can achieve a lot. There will be a lot to do and you should graduate after the 6 weeks with a new found confidence and knowledge in SEO that you didn’t have before.  I’m here to push you and to make the most of our time together. You will feel challenged but you will also feel supported. You may want to give up but I will encourage you to keep going. You may feel confused, but I will be here to answer questions and clarify things. You may decide DIY isn’t for you, in that case I can take over most tasks. I won’t do your link building though – relationship building and outreach is best when it comes from you. 

Once our 6 weeks is over you can decide to book more coaching in blocks of 4 weeks but you should have enough information to keep going. Within a few months if you continue your SEO efforts you should an increase in your online visibility.

Q. Why trust Weider Web Solutions for your SEO services?

  • I’m an honest, trustworthy, reliable and patient professional who has 10 years experience in building WordPress websites on strong technical SEO foundations. 
  • For the last 4 WordPress websites I have designed, I have got all my clients on page 1 of Google for their chosen main keyword.
  • I have doubled the traffic to one of my clients blogs just by improving their technical SEO. 
  • I have 10 years of experience in SEO and WordPress.
  • I am honest and hard working and measure my success by the success of my clients. 
  • I strive for 100% customer satisfaction.
  • I am also experienced in Conversion Rate Optimisation and data analytics so once you have traffic I can help you further optimise that traffic. 
  • I am experienced with Google ads so I can also help you with setting up retargeting campaigns to squeeze more value from your search engine traffic. I call it my ‘double whammy’ strategy. 

Organic search up over 67%

By speeding up this website and improving the technical SEO I was able to increase this website search traffic up over 67%

Organic search up 11.93% after 1 month of coaching

Early days for this client but there is already an increase in search traffic after just one month. 

96.6% increase in organic traffic 

After an SEO audit I improved this sites Technical SEO and On Page SEO 

What a few clients have said about my SEO services

Please check out my review on TrustPilot.

Q. How do you get started?

You can purchase a power hour, email me (hello or set up a Q and A call.

Where to start with SEO?

You can’t do SEO without tools! Setting up your tools is like an intensive deep dive into SEO! It will uncover all sorts of new jargon for you that you can go an research.

Tool 1: I highly recommend getting the free version of SEMRush. A free tool where you can see all the errors on your site. This is perfect for small websites of up to 100 pages.  Sign up here for your FREE trial 

Tool 2: You need Google Analytics! It’s free! Go to my YouTube channel where you will find some free training on setting up Google analytics.

You can also check out my blog articles about Google Analytics ->> Check out the Google Analytics blog

Tool 3: You need Google Webmasters Tools (aka Google Search Console) ->> Sign up here it’s FREE

Take a look through my glossary and familiarise yourself with the SEO jargon.  Simple Search Engine Optimisation Glossary

Need personalised support? 

That’s what I’m here for, contact me when you are ready for a personalised approach.