What gets measured gets improved. If you want to get more leads and sales from your website then you need to be gathering intelligence on how people are finding using your site from your web analytics. There are many analytics tools you can choose from. In this blog I focus on the 3 main analytics tools I use each day. Google analytics, google search console and Hotjar. In my web analytics blog articles I will share tips and advice to help you get more from your analytics tools so you can get more from your website.

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Google Analytics
How to add google anlaytcis tracking code to your website
How to add Google Analytics tracking code to your website and do some basic configuration

How to add Google Analytics tracking code to your website and do some basic configuration

This blog post is intended as a very quick and simple guide to explain how you can add the Google Analytics tracking code to your website and do some basic configuration. It is not intended for advanced coders who might just want to add the code directly to the...

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Google analytics setup checklist

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right I live in a lovely small village not far from Bristol in the UK. We have a community allotment and around 30 of us share the responsibility for growing and caring for various vegetables and small fruits. We take great...

Google analytics setup 11 point checklist

Essential FREE Tools For SEO

You can't optimise your site for search engines without tools! In this article I list the tools I use and they all have a FREE level so you can use them even if you are just starting out. Search Engine Optimisation - Data Analysis Tools Tool 1: I highly recommend...

Why you need Google Tag Manager

Do you really need another tool to add to your tech overload? Well, this tool called Google Tag Manager is an absolute must. It actually reduces stress!  It is true? Can a FREE tool from Google called Google Tag Manger really reduce your stress? Normally, any web...

why y need google tag manager

Heatmapping with Hotjar

Google Analytics tool is an excellent tool for collecting quantitative data, the ‘What?’ But that data is more powerful when combined with the ‘Why?’ For example, my job is to increase sales on an e-commerce website. Using Google Analytics I can see ‘What’ is...

Why you need hotjar

10 ways to decrease your bounce rate

10 ways to decrease your bounce rate   Bounce rate is an indication of how engaging your website is. Engaging websites generate more leads and sales than poor quality websites that do not engage visitors. Bounce rates can be affected for various reasons. In my...

How to decrease your bounce rate