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Website In One Week

The ‘Website in 1 Week’ service is for service based businesses who want a simple website, quickly and without much fuss! In my experience this is what many small businesses need. It is perfect for those getting online for the first time or those going from a DIY website to one with a more professional look. 

I developed this service because I was often being approached by businesses who needed ‘something simple, quick and cheap’. Now many web designers will tell you that you can’t have all three, but that is probably because they have long, complicated processes. That was me a few years ago. I also create ‘marketing’ websites which can take 3 months to build. They include marketing strategy, SEO, lead generation funnels, sales funnels, landing pages, thank you pages, wireframes, multiple rounds of revisions etc… Yo can see how these website end up expensive! 


The website in 1 week has a few fundamental assumptions at it’s core;

Assumption 1. You want a simple website. 

What do I mean by simple? You do not care about SEO yet. You want a place to showcase what you do so you can direct people to your website where they can find out more about you. You are not selling anything on your website. You are not using online ads yet. You are not ready or interested in growing an email marketing list yet. You want around 10 pages to cover your services and you will drive traffic to your site using word of mouth or using your social media accounts. 

Who needs a simple website?  Start ups and small local businesses who are networking and driving business through word of mouth and referrals. 


Assumption 2: You don’t want to wait three months for you website.

You want it quick, I get that. Being able to build a website quickly means you have to do the prep work up front. I can’t build a website if I don’t have your content. It’s that simple. The things that hold up a website project are;

  1. Delays with the client providing the content.
  2. Delays with the client agreeing the design.

I get round this by only starting the build once the content has been delivered. Regarding the design, I get you to select some styles before hand so you know what you are getting so we don’t need to go back and forth, taking up precious time.  So if you want your website quick, can provide the content and make some design decisions up front, you will get your site on time.


Assumption 3: You don’t like fuss and hassle, especially with tech.

One of my key philosophies is ‘keep it simple’. If your goal is to have a professional looking web presence that tells prospective clients about your services, then this service is perfect for you. If, however, your goal is to have every bell and whistle and you can think of on your website then this service is not for you, you want the bespoke website build. If you hate tech headaches and intend to manage your website yourself then you need simple! If you intent to have someone else manage your site (like me) then you can get fancier and go fo the bespoke website option.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly do I get with the 'Website in 1 week' service?

Here is summary of what will be delivered to you in only 1 week.

  • A professionally designed website of up to 20 mobile responsive pages. 
  • I will add up to 10 blog posts for you.
  • I will add up to 10 testimonials for you.
  • You will get 1 hour training to show you how to update the content on your site.
What pages are included?

Some pages are compulsory, some you define. Here is my list of what I recommend and what are ‘must haves’. 

  • Home (Must have)
  • About (Must have)
  • Services summary (Must have)
  • Services individual (you choose how many)
  • Testimonials or case studies.
  • Contact (Must have)
  • Blog summary page (Must have if you want a blog)
  • Blog individual page (Must have if you want a blog)
  • Terms and conditions (Must have)
  • Privacy policy (Must have)
  • Maintenance mode page (Must have)
  • 404 page not found error (Must have)
  • FAQs page
  • Sitemap (Must have)


So as you can see there are 11 must have pages. That’s why I give you the option of adding a few more to cover your services and other pages you think you need.

Why is this service different from other website design services?

This is different because it isn’t a bespoke service. It is based on the fact you only need a simple website, you can provide the content before we start work and you make some design decisions before the work starts.


How will the 'Website in 1 week' service benefit me?

You will benefit from getting online much quicker than if you choose a traditional web designer. Most other web designers will focus on the bells and whistles to justify their higher costs. Bells and whistles take time and cost more money. 

You will save money by keeping things simple. 

You will feel less stressed because you will know exactly what you are getting and when. No late excuses, no delays. Just a simple, great looking website delivered on time. 




Do I need 'branding'?

This is a biggie! One of the main ‘bells and whistles’ you absolutely don’t need with a simple website is ‘branding’.

Website branding comes in two parts. 

How you look and what you say. 

What you say is far more impactful than how you look. Of course, you need to look professional but that doesn’t mean spending months and lots of money on getting a logo and your colours right or having an expensive photo shoot.  Starting off on this when you just want a simple website is a money drain. 

Focusing on what you say on you website is going to have a bigger effect on your business. 

I will provide you with a document to help you get your visual and verbal branding together, in a simple but focused way. If you don’t have a logo it really doesn’t matter. I can use text. For a colour scheme you can just pick something you like, you don’t need to spend months learning colour theory. 

Why do i say this, because you WILL change your branding as your business grows. And you will realise that colour schemes are not what attract clients, it’s more about what you say and how you say it on your website. You need to present your message in a simple to read, non cluttered way, and this service will help you do just that.

Now if you go and talk to a web designer who also claims to do ‘branding’ they will tell you how important it is. So you should really do your background research, if they claim you get more clients after paying for ‘branding’ ask to see evidence. I can certainly show you that my clients websites are working for them without them paying for additional branding.

Some web designers version of branding is to provide you with a logo, website banners and maybe some nicely designed buttons. If you want to keep your price low and get your website quickly, you can do without these extras. Do yourself a favour and save your money.






Do you do 'branding'?

I do help with branding yes. However I am not a graphic designer so I do not build graphical branding elements such as buttons, banners and logos. I can advise you on how to get these for your website if you want advice.

My strength lies in helping you draw out your fundamental branding message that you must convey across your website. This is the branding that should be you priority, not the visuals. If you focus on the visuals but put no thought into what you are saying then your website will fail to connect to your visitors. 

If you focus on your message and use a simple, professional design then your website will connect to your visitor and you will stand a better chance of converting them to a client. 

I offer this as a separate coaching service and it is an ‘add on’ to the basic ‘website in 1 week’ service.

Have you get examples of your work?

Yes, of course.  Please see my portfolio.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £500. Payable in two instalments. 

One upfront and one on website acceptance. 

If you are in the UK or EU I will charge VAT on top. 

What is the process?

After reading this page, please email me your questions to or use the form at the bottom of this page. 

I will answer your questions then if needed we can have a 15 minute skype or zoom chat to finalise any questions. 

If you choose to go ahead I will need a 50% payment. This enables you to secure your ‘week’. Once payment has cleared you pick the delivery date for your website. 

I will then send you your preparation pack. You can also request your pack early just by emailing me and asking for it. 

Once I have received your content I will begin building your website. Once finished I will send you images of the website for your approval. You get one set of revisions and you need to give me your changes within 24 hours of me requesting them. 

Once I have incorporated your changes and you are happy. I will request the final payment. 

Once the final payment has cleared I will set up the website on your hosting account. 

If you require hosting please see my website maintenance packages here.

Do you provide any guarantees?

Yes I do. 

I guarantee you that you will get your website within 1 week. If you provide your changes in a timely manner. 

If you find you are not completely happy I will offer a full refund, only after you have given me the chance to put things right. 

How do we get started?

Email me at with a list of your questions or fill out the form below.

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