Website Planning Power Hour

£99 + VAT

Get the clarity and confidence you need to finish planning your website.

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From Stuck to Started

Get clear on what you need to put in your plan so you can stop feeling stuck

From Unsure to Confident

Get your questions answered, remove uncertainty, feel confident with your decisons


From Struggling to Successful

Get a list of tailored actions to help you take action and finish your plan with ease

Does this sound like you?


You are trying to plan out your website but you don't know where to start.

You would love to know how to get started and what to focus on


You feel overwhelmed with the options, WordPress? SquareSpace? Custom Build?

You have lots of questions and would love to pick someones brains and get them answered


You feel like you are just wasting time, going round in circles

You wish someone could give you a plan and steer you in the right direction

It’s not just you, don’t worry! Every time I am asked to quote for a website I am sent a paragraph of requirements. It’s not very often someone knows what they want. All my clients are overwhelmed when they try to plan a website by themselves – it’s like piecing together a jigsaw when you don’t know what the final image looks like.

Getting support at the planning stage helps a website design and build go smoother, quicker and stay on budget.

Find the clarity you need to get started and the confidence to finish your plan


Fill in the questionnaire

Once you have booked and paid for your slot I will send you a questionnaire to complete. 

Outline the website plan

One the call we will broadly outline the website you need. I will give you a list of actions you will need to complete to help you finish your plan.

Q and A

There will be time to ask questions and ‘pick my brains’ so you feel confident about finishing your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Website Planning Power Hour?

The Website Planning Hour is an opportunity for you get feedback on your current website plan, or to get your plan started.

I will need to understand a bit about your business before the call so there will be a questionnaire to complete.

On the call I will help you outline a website plan. This will give you more than just a good starting point! 

We will be able to identify areas that may need a little more research. 

I will create a ‘planning to do’ list for you so you know what you need to do once our call is over.

What is the price of the Website Planning Power Hour?

The price is £99 + VAT

Will the Power Hour be recorded?

Yes, I will record the whole session for you and email it to you after the call has finished.

Can more than one of us attend the power hour?

Yes, but there will be a limit of two people to ensure you get the most out of the call.

Who is the Planning Power Hour perfect for?

It is perfect for existing small business who are looking to update a current website or for new businesses who are looking to build their first website.

Will you be planning my whole website out for me?

No, one hour isn’t long enough to do that. 

I will be able to give you an outline based on your needs and goals and I can answer your questions. 

This should be enough to get you started, or get you on the right track if you have already started. 

If you want help completing your plan, that can be arranged. 

I want to build my own website, is this useful for me?

It is even more useful for you since you wont have the input of a web designer when your website is being built.

I have already decided on a web designer, why can't they plan the website for me?

I advise you to get independant planning advice before instructing a designer. A designer can only advise according to their experience. Often, there are gaps in a website build due to lack of planning – even when a professional has been used. 

Why should I trust you to help me plan my website?

I have been building and maintaining search engine optimised websites for 9 years. I have used a variety of platforms. I also have experience in conversion rate optimisation and running paid ad campaigns so I understand what content your website needs to attract ideal clients and convert them to enquiries. I experience first handhow a lack of website planning can affect the speed, quality and cost of building a website and I’m on a mission to improve website plans for small business owners.

What types of website can you plan?

This power hour is suitable for service based websites who are selling services from their website. 

The hour isn’t long enough to discuss a full e-commerce store, membership sites or course sites. A longer planning proces sis needed for that.

Will you convince me to use WordPress?

Not at all. If you already know you want to use WordPress I can advise you on technical issues but if you don’t yet know on which platform you would like to build your website I can explain the pros and cons of WordPress if you want me to help you decide. 

What will happen after the power hour?

You can decide if you need further support to get your plan finished.

If you do, I can offer you further planning support if you just want planning advice. 

If you would like to discuss how I can help you build your website we can set up another call to discuss that too.

 How to get started

Please contact me using the form below to express your interest. I will send you a link to my calandar and to make the payment.

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