Website Planning Workshop

A friendly, intimate ‘get it done’ workshop for women who want a new website or update their current website with clarity and confidence!

£90 (group workshop)

Or £199 + VAT for a 2 hour 1-2-1 workshop with 4 week email support

Introducing the first in a series of 3 essential WordPress basics workshops…

The Website Planning Workshop

The essential stage most business owners miss out on and is why they end up spending far too much time and experience far too much stress building their website!

Feeling a bit clueless at the thought of building your own website?

Worried that building your own website is going to take all your time and cause you a lot of stress?

Feeling so overwhelmed at all the options that you keep putting off getting your website started?

I understand and you are certainly not alone!

During the Website Planning Workshop I am going to help you create a website plan that is right for your stage of business and right for the way you are marketing your business.

We are going to clarify why your business need a website, the role your website plays in your marketing and where your website fits in your clients journey.

From this, we can then define the content your website needs to have to attract and convert your ideal client.

You will get time to find inspiration for the layout of your website and sketch out the pages you need.

You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly your website plan starts to take shape.

You see, my core purpose is to give you the essentials you need to feel empowered to build your own website without needing to pay for expensive extras such as designers and developers.

I truly believe if you want to do-it-yourself then there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

It just needs a bit of direction from someone who has built many websites!

Why this workshop is important

I wanted to do this workshop for you because I have experienced first hand what it is like to build a website with a weak or non-existent plan.

A weak plan ALWAYS meant;

  • Constant changes during the design & build of a website because there was no focus
  • More time spent building a website than was necessary because of extra changes
  • More money spent on features that were not needed
  • More stress and overwhelm because there was no plan

When I started building websites over 8 years ago I wasn’t experienced enough to understand the importance of a plan, let alone what needs to go into one.

Fast forward to today and I have developed a simple planning process that means;

  • You will build your website quickly
  • You will have clarity and focus on what you need to do
  • You will be confident the website will be useful to your business because it fits in with your marketing

My planning process cuts out all of the irrelevant bits you really don’t need, saving you heaps of time and money.

My process will also get you into the mindset of using your website for what it was intended, a marketing tool.

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to your website, or you just need some help and feedback to improve your existing website plan, this is the workshop for you!

Too much choice can be a bad thing

There is so much choice out there and so much conflicting information it’s hard to know who to trust and where to start.

I’m going to help you find clarity, get you out of overwhelm and get you ready to start building your website with confidence.

Come and join me for a 3 hour intensive deep dive into your business and website goals to ensure you leave with a website plan that is right for your business.

What you will do during the workshop

Website & Marketing Goals

You will understand how to align your website to your marketing goals so your website becomes a valuable marketing tool and not just a useless brochure.


Layout sketches

You will sketch the layout you want each page to have.

Content and functionality

We will plan your customers journey and identify what content they need to see or functionality they need to experience before taking action on your website.

Visual branding requirements

We will define your visual branding, including fonts and colour scheme.


Defining Pages With Purpose

We will define the purpose of each page and plan the content needed so the page can fulfil its purpose.


Technical Requirements

We will define your technical requirements, including users, access levels, backups etc.

What it’s like to build a website without a plan


You open WordPress with as a blank slate. If you haven’t chosen your theme then this is likely to be your first task. How do you pick from so many? You probably pick a free one at first because you don’t want to spend money on something that yo are not sure of. What if the theme is rubbish? What if you don’t like it and change your mind? Deciding on the theme can take a long time. In reality, this is a very important decision because it really can make or break your experience with WordPress. People who have a bad experience with WordPress is because they chose a theme that wasn’t very user friendly! 

So let’s say you have chosen a theme, now you need to know what to put on your home page. You don’t even know how you want your home page to look. So, you just add a bit of an introduction and an image. It doesn’t look great and it’s taken you ages but you need to move on. 

Now, what next? Everyone has a contact page so you create the page. As you add the content to the page you realise you need a form but how do you add a form? It takes you a while to realise your theme needs you to add a plugin to create the form. You search on the internet for forms but you are not sure which plugin to use. You easily waste an hour or so looking at form plugins and trying a few out. 

Eventually you finish your contact page and now you realise you need to add the menu. So, you work out how to add a menu but while you are creating the menu you have a think about the other pages you need. Hmm… an about page and a services page. But what about testimonials and prices? You are not sure what you need so you add them anyway. Then you spend a good few hours trying to build these pages, only to change your mind! Scrap the prices page you decide! I’m not sure what to put anyway. 

Before you know it, 2 weeks have passed and you have a few pages but they don’t look as good as you had hoped and you’re not sure if you’ve missed anything. 

You are not feeling confident about it so you don’t even tell people you have a website. You just tell them it’s ‘in progress’. And there it stays for a few years. You are hoping to get round to it one day but the reality is you don’t want to waste any more time on it. It would be different if you knew what you were doing! 


What it’s like to build a website with a plan


You have a document with everything you need to know about how your website is going to look and behave. You know what pages you want and how they are going to look. 

You understand how your website fits in with your marketing so you are really confident that the people you send there will take action. This gives you the confidence to promote your website. 

Because most of your website decisions have been made BEFORE you open up WordPress you find that building your site is quick and easy. You don’t feel the need to keep researching colours / fonts / themes / plugins etc. You have done all the work upfront. 

Building your website takes no time and you don’t get stressed about it either. You feel in control and really proud of yourself. 


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You have a ‘have a go’ personality and while tech may not be your strength, you are willing to have a go and give it your best shot.

You don’t freak out when something technical goes wrong. You can keep a calm head and you are willing to invest the time it takes to ‘work it out’.

You have a business that will be evolving so it’s important for you to know how to plan and execute website changes.

You are currently looking to be supported while you get your website up and running with the least time, effort and cost possible.


You want someone else to design your website. Each designer has their own way of building a website so they might want you to follow their own planning process.

You want to build your own website but you get very stressed when things go technically wrong. Even for me, an experienced WordPress developer, the tech has hiccups and problems that are unexpected and unexplained. If you really can’t face that then it’s best you get someone to build your site for you.

You are purely an e-commerce business.


How will this benefit you?


You will feel clear on the purpose of your website so you can avoid adding extras you don’t need.


Save time

You will save time because you have already thought and planned your site out. You wont keep changing your mind.


You will feel confident to tackle the build because you will have a plan that makes sense to you and your business.

Save money

You will save money because you won’t buy anything you don’t need.


You will be able to focus and build your site quickly because you will have made the major decisions.


Less stress

You will be less stressed because your website project will feel manageable.

Q and A

I have a plan already, do I need this workshop?

If you have a plan, please use the checklist to make sure you have the essentials covered. You can download the plan at the bottom of this page. 

How much does the workshop cost?

£90 but you can secure your place with a £1 deposit then you pay the rest on the day, if you stay until the end. 

I can't make this workshop, what are my choices?

You can register your interest and I’ll email you when the next workshop is going ahead. Alternatively, you can hire me on a 1 to 1 basis where we can spend several hours working on your plan. 

More questions? Send me a Facebook message right now and I will answer as soon as I can!

About Karen Weider, your workshop hostess.

About Karen Weider, your workshop hostess.

Karen Weider is the owner of Weider Web Solutions. She is a website developer and digital marketing consultant. For the past 8 years Karen has been building websites with WordPress. She uses tailored lead generation strategies to help clients turn their websites into lead generating sites. She also uses Google Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO to increase the visibility of her clients websites.

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