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WordPress & SEO


Managing a visible blog on WordPress can be challenging and time consuming. Robbing you of precious time you could be spending with your family, traveling or growing your business.

Leave the tech to the experts – you have enough on your plate!

How a WordPress & SEO care plan can help you

MAINTAINING a high quality, visible website needs specialist skills

Are you tired of searching for answers?

When your website needs improving how much time does it take you to do it?

Some people love tinkering with their website and some people don’t. If you are the latter, then help is at hand. You don’t need to spend hours working out how to add pages or make changes. You don’t need to be fearful every time there is a software update. You don’t need to be worried about being hacked! 

A WordPress & SEO care plan takes all the worry away. 

If you can’t care for your WordPress website properly, pass the responsibility to someone who can


Maintenance TaskLevel 1
Level 2
Blog essentials
Level 3
Blog Performance
Service & support level
Monthly maintenance report
Email help desk support24 hr response
7 day turnaround for updates
24 hr response
7 day turnaround for updates
6 hr response
24 hr turnaround for updates
1 hr strategy sessionx✓*Every 3 months
Included support time
Website updates can be rolled over for 3 months
30 mins debug & fix
30 mins website updates
60 mins debug & fix
60 mins website updates
90 mins debug & fix
90 mins website updates
Extra dev, design & debug support hours£60 ph£55 ph£50 ph
Hosting, DNS & email support
HostingStandard or use your own hostingSuperfast + speed supportSuperfast + speed support
DNS management✓*
CDN support✓*✓*✓*
Email support✓*✓*✓*
Daily security scan, monitoring, restore after hacking & malware removal
BackupsDaily2 x daycustom
Up time monitoring
Software updates & testing
Monthly software updates
(WordPress / theme / plugins)
Updates tested on a staging sitexx
Manual updates (no automation)
Visual Check up to 5 pages
Manual testing after software updates
x1 test3 tests
Update timingDuring
office hours
office hours
At low traffic times
Error fixing during updates✓*✓*✓*
Performance optimisation
Database optimisation
Spam management✓*✓*✓*
Speed optimisation
(at start and ongoing)
Broken link check & fixx✓*✓*
Traffic and conversion report + insightsxx
Heat mapping report + insightsxx1 page
SEO support
RankMath Pro pluginx
Account with SE Ranking for SEO research + monitoringx
SEO training + supportx
On site SEO supportx✓*✓*
Monthly SEO ranking reportx
Google Search Console managementx✓*✓*
per month
per month
per month

All prices are subject to UK VAT @20% (if you are UK based).

3 month commitment required for all plans.

✓* indicates the time used for this task is taken from your support time. Extra support time can be purchased.

Lock in the price for 12 months by paying 12 months upfront.

How it works

Common Questions

If your budget is below £99 + VAT then you can get some free advice about maintaining your WordPress site and your SEO from my free Facebook group here >>

For websites that are to remain on their own hosting account and are not too worried about site speed. Or you would like to use my SiteGround hosting account. Usually this is a small business website who are not doing a lot of online marketing, have low website traffic and are not blogging or otherwise worried about being visible in search engines.

For websites that need to deliver an excellent user experience in terms of speed. High traffic blogs and other sites where search engine optimisation, speed and protecting rankings is important. At this level you are taking your blog serious but not yet ready for full performance optimisation.

Business critical websites such as e-commerce or online course platforms where outages must be kept to absolute minimum. Blogs that have a lot of traffic. Choose performance when you are ready to get more leads, sales and revenue from your traffic.

Yes. My hosting on the blog essentials and blog performance comes with speed tune up service that will get you as close to 90% on Google Page Speed insights as possible.

I will rewind your site to the last working backup and then debug your site to find out what broke. If I can fix it I will but sometimes you might need a new plugin. In this case, I will tell you how to proceed. Whatever happens I will leave your website in a working, error free state. Please note, this may mean reduced functionality if a plugin needs to be disabled.

No. That is impossible. The plugins or theme that runs your website might have a problem and you might not know about it until you use that exact feature. Problems don’t always show up immediately. This service covers a visual check of your website to identify problems, not a functional check. If you want parts of your website functionally checked – e.g your checkout page, this can be added for an extra fee. If functional problems arise as you use your site these can be debugged and fixed at the standard hourly rate. We will discuss what functional checks you need when we discuss your plan.

The time to debug and fix errors is determined by your service level. More hours can be purchased.

No. That is impossible.

I will test out your software updates on a staging site first so any incompatibilities should be found.

There should be virtually no down time if this happens.

However, there may still be a reason that when your live site is updated there may still be an incompatibility. Testing on a staging site minimises the risk but can’t 100% be guaranteed. That is the nature of software.

From time to time, the hosting environment will need to be updated. This should be seamless, but I can’t give a guarantee that something won’t go wrong. It’s impossible to give a 100% guarantee sorry.

Yes I can, we can discuss your testing needs during our call.

Each month you have an allowance of time for me to look at your technical and on page SEO and make fixes and adjustments. I will monitor Google Search Console and run a monthly website audit. I will proactively take action on any issues that arise.

Every three months we will have an SEO power hour. I will audit your site and check your results and give you a plan for what needs to be done. You can decide how much you want to do and how much you want me to do.

You will be supported by my SEO training if you wish to DIY.

No, my strength is technical SEO. I can advise you if you are looking for help with ‘off page SEO’ but I won’t do that for you.

Yes, I include a speed up service in either blog essentials or blog performance.

  1. We will have an on-boarding call where I will ask you lots of questions about your website
  2. I will plan your maintenance schedule and task according to your needs and budget
  3. I will transfer your site over to my hosting account
  4. Your site will be speed optimised and fully updated
  5. I will set up Google Data Studio report so you can see your traffic and conversions on a monthly basis
  6. We will have an SEO power hour so we can plan your first 3 months of SEO tasks
  7. Your security will be enhanced and my hacking guarantee will come into effect
  8. You can sit back and relax knowing all your technical jobs for WordPress and your SEO are being looked after.

Still got questions?