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If you don’t love managing your WordPress website, pass the responsibility to someone who does

Some people love tinkering with their website and some people don’t. If you are the latter, then help is at hand. You don’t need to spend hours working out how to add pages or make changes. You don’t need to be fearful everytime there is a software update. You don’t need to be worried about being hacked!  My WordPress maintenance & management services take all the worry away. 

What do you get when you sign up for my WordPress maintenance & management service?

Many of these services you won’t find with other WordPress maintenance service providers

weekly software updates

Manual Weekly software updates

Your WordPress core, themes & plugins will be updated manually on a weekly basis. *Other providers automate this service, all your updates will manual. No automations here.


Daily backups

One backup a day to make sure you don’t lose too much work if your website needs to be recovered. More can be added if your webiste is updated several times during the day.

site speed optimisation

Speed monitoring

If you have taken my speed optimisation services, I will check your loading speed weekly and investigate if your site starts to slow down. *Other providers don’t offer speed optimisations services

Google Analytics reports ongoing management support training

Uptime monitoring

The uptime of your site will be monitored. If it goes down for more than 30 minutes I will investigate for you. 

security monitoring

Tightened security, scanning & monitoring

Extra security measures will be added to your site to tighten your website security. Your site will be scanned daily for security issues. If there are any problems I will investigate and put right where possible.

Conversion rate optimisation consultant bristol

Visual check of up to 5 pages

I will visually check up to 5 pages each week to make sure there are no obvious errors. Manual testing can be done if required. *Other service providers used automated tools to check for errors

website error fixing

Error fixing

I will fix any website errors that arise during a software update.

SEO consulting bristol

Manage your comment spam

I will delete your comment spam so you don’t have to. *Most service providers don’t offer this.

Build a simple wordpress website

Website edits + tech support

You will have 30 minutes of free website edits each month or tech support. If you want more hands on support, extra time can be bought @ £50 ph. *You can roll over your time for three months – something other providers don’t do.

Google analytics audit

Monthly report

You will receive a monthly report, showing the work that has been done on your website. 

Why choose Weider Web Solutions to look after your wordpress website?

wordpress logo

WordPress techncial expertise

Your site will be looked after by techncial specialist not a website designer

site speed optimisation

Speed optimisation specialist

If you want a fast website then I can make your website load fast and keep it loading fast

Website strategy

Access a range of technical services

You will also be able to access analytics, SEO and other technical services from someone you trust

Add on techncial services…

You can also add on the following services

Techncial and on page SEO – starting from £120 + VAT per month

Analytics reporting and insights – starting from £200 + VAT per month

Techncial support for non WordPress services e.g Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ThriveCart, ClickFunnels, LeadPages etc.

Add on design & build services…

You can also add on the following modular web design & build services

Home page redesign

Sales funnels (Optin page, Sales page, Thank you page)

Legal pages

And more…



£99 + VAT pcm

If you have a tiny website < 7 pages or are a charity please contact me and ask about my ‘superlite’ service starting from £25 + VAT

  • Upto 20 plugins
  • Error fixing
  • Regular backups
  • 30 mins of website edits
  • All maintenance tasks covered
  • Security hardening & scanning
  • E-commerce, membership, custom built and complex sites available from £199 + VAT

Guarantees – I include 3!!

If your website gets hacked, I will attempt to recover it for you. Although no guarantee can be given around any data loss that may occur.

If I have optimised your site speed I will monitor your ‘base’ speed and help you maintain it. You must adhere to the guidelines I provide.

If your website has any errors during an update I will investigate for you and fix where possible. Where a fix isn’t possible the plugin will be disabled and you will be informed of the next steps.   


Frequently asked questions about the ‘WordPress maintenance & management’ service

Do you host websites too?

Yes, I can host your website too. If you want me to manage your hosting please ask at time of enquiry. I currently use SiteGround hosting on a UK server.

What happens if I want someone else to make changes to the website?

That’s fine but any errors they introduce and you want fixed will be fixed at the hourly rate.

What happens if an update breaks my site?

I will rewind your site to the last working backup and then debug your site to find out what broke. If I can fix it I will but sometimes you might need a new plugin. In this case, I will tell you how to proceed. Unfortunately adding new functionality will take longer than the free 30 minutes you get included, but you can put your 30 minutes toward any website task. Whatever happens I will leave your website in a working, error free state.

Do you guarantee my website will always be error free?

No. That is impossible. The plugins or theme that runs your website might have a problem and you might not know about it until you use that exact feature. Problems don’t always show up immediately. This service covers a visual check of your website to identify problems, not a functional check. If you want parts of your website functionally checked – e.g your checkout page, this can be added for an extra fee. If functional problems arise as you use your site these can be debugged and fixed at the standard hourly rate. 

Is all debugging and error fixing included in the price?

Some is and some isn’t.

What is included: 

  • If there is a problem while I am updating your site and it has been seen in the visual check of one of your chosen 5 pages – I will debug and fix it. Sometimes this means disabling a plugin or theme. If this is the case I will advise you on the next steps.

What is not included (will be charged extra for): 

  • Researching and adding new plugins and themes is not included.
  • Debugging and fixing any custom code – this can be covered for an extra fee.
  • Debugging and fixing problems that have been caused by someone else making changes to the site – this can be covered for an extra fee.
  • Errors that can’t be found visually and only come to light as you use the website.
  • Errors that occur due to a third party error – e.g your email. These can be fixed for an extra fee.



Do you guarantee my website will always be online?

No. That is impossible. There are two main reasons why your website may go offline. 

1. Your hosting provider is carrying out maintenance on the hosting server or a server glitch has caused it go off line temporarily. 

2. There is an error on your website causing it to go offline. 


I take a backup just before  I perform an update. If there is an error I will restore the backup immediately. 

There should be virtually no down time if this happens.

However, on occasion, the restore process may take a little longer than expected. This usually happens if your web hosting server is busy. 

There may also be times when I am debugging a problem with your site and testing ideas. I can’t always predict the outcome of a test and your site may experience glitches.  If uptime is an absolute priority for you then I can work from a staging site to debug and test from.  If you want me to work on a staging site to minimise downtime you will need to ensure your hosting company provides staging site functionality. 

If you prefer me to work on a staging site there will be an extra fee for this.


Do you test forms and other functionality after an update?

No, I perform a visual check of upto 5 pages (of your choice). If you have any critical functionlity you need manually testing this will cost extra.

What is covered in your free 30 minutes of website edits and tech support?

Website edits include adding images or changing text. If you need larger edits such as adding a new page or adding new functionality the 30 minutes can be put towards it. Tech support includes debugging or fixing other errors on your site, plugin research, even a 30 minute strategy call if you need it. 

Can the 30 minutes be rolled over to the next month?

Yes, you can roll over your 30 minutes for a maximum of three months or 90 minutes. 

Are you ready to have peace of mind and pass your website maintenance and management tasks over to an expert? 

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Special Welcome Offer

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OFFER 1: Basic website speed up service – only if you use my hosting package.

OFFER 2: Website tune up – Get all your software updated, a plugin spring clean and upto 2 hours of web development time to fix any bugs or errors.  Ideal for websites that have been neglected.

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If you have neglected your website for too long because WordPress just isn’t your thing, then it’s time to pass responsibilty over to someone who loves WordPress. You’ll get peace of mind and you wont have to struggle with any WordPress tasks again. Don’t leave it any longer. A badly maintained website is not only a security risk but it gives a bad impression of your business.