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WordPress Hosting & Monthly Maintenance and Support

WordPress Hosting

I offer WordPress optimised hosting only as part of my maintenance and support package. I use an optimised server specifically for WordPress to enable your site to load fast. My hosting environment comes with daily server backups and a staging site so I can test your WordPress updates in a safe environment. 

You get 5GB of space and 2 email addresses included for free. 

Support is during UK working hours unless you have an urgent ‘Help my site is down’ enquiry. In which case we are straight on it. In fact we monitor site uptime so if there is a problem we know straight away. 

This level of hosting is not for resource heavy sites like high traffic e-commerce sites but for the majority of websites it’s excellent.

Sites hosted on my server also come with a hacking guarantee, if you site is hacked, we will clean it up for free. 

WordPress Updates

You may have noticed every few weeks inn your WordPress dashboard that you get update notifications. If you are like many busy WordPress website owners, you will take one of two actions.

  1. Press update, cross your fingers and hope for the best.
  2. Do nothing.

Neither of these scenarios is good. That’s why your website get hacked or you get bugs on your website that make you look very unprofessional. 

The solution

The solution to this is easy, but no one really does it because it is time consuming. 

You just need to create a staging site and update your site there first. If everything is ok, then update your main site. 

Of course you need to know how to take a backup and restore it if anything were to go wrong.

So why don’t more people do this? Because it is time consuming and there is always the fear of what if there is a problem, how do you fix it. 

My website maintenance service addresses just this very problem.

Each month I create a staging site and update it, checking there are no problems. Then if all is well I update the live site. 

If there is a problem I can restore from my backup and find the cause of the problem, fixing it if I can. If not, I will advise you what action you need to take.

Not only do I update your site safely but I can functionally test it. This is great if you rely on functionality for your business for example, if you are an e-commerce site or if you take bookings on your website. I can perform any tests you need. 

I also make sure you site is well optimised for speed.

I also make sure your site is as secure as possible. 

You don’t need to worry about anything. 

To save you even more time I can take care of your content updates too. 

To summarise, a maintenance package consists of;

  • WordPress Core updates, theme and plugin updates
  • Backups – daily, weekly or instantaneous depending on your needs
  • Security, including uptime monitoring
  • Hacking protection (if you are hosted on my server)
  • Tests, from simple visual tests to more complex functional testing
  • Speed optimisations
  • Support, got a WordPress question? You can pass it by me first.
  • Content updates 


The price starts from £50 + VAT and will depend on your needs, it’s a bespoke package. Please email me to get your quote.


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