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The ‘Low-Tech’ WordPress Success Club

The perfect balance of ‘done for you tech’, training & support.

For the new expert, coach, consultant or service provider who wants support while building a future-proofed, professional website…

Build a valuable, visible website that attracts and converts traffic into ideal clients and helps to grow your business…

… With the minimum tech, fuss or paying for expensive designers.

This is for you if:

You are a small business with big goals.
You want to work with a local and international client base.
You have a message to share and want to be visible online to do that.
You want your business to grow over the next few years.
You need a website that can keep up and help you grow, not slow you down.
You want to start building a simple website yourself but you don’t want to become an expert.
As soon as you are able you will be more than happy to bring a trusted website person onto your team.

Why join the  ‘Low tech’ WordPress Success Club?



Build it quicker than doing it alone

With my support & training you can build your site quicker than doing it alone.


Own a visible & valuable website

You website will be found on Google and it will help you reach your business goals.

Low-tech, stress free WordPress

My methods are designed to avoid tech overwhelm that can often be associated with WordPress.

Online Supported Training & Accountability

Fast track the build of your website and ensure it is built on solid technical and marketing foundations

You have probably heard a thousand times that WordPress is the best platform upon which to build your website. But I’m also sure you’ve heard the horror stories of tech overwhelm, ‘all those updates’, and the fact it can feel overly complicated.

What you would really love is:

  • A simple way to build your website that is low tech
  • No tech headaches
  • A simple plan to avoid overwhelm
  • Hosting, software updates and security managed for you
  • Friendly support that understands the challenges of the website DIY-er
  • A future-proofed website that grows with your business
  • One website that you won’t outgrow or need to replace – ever!

That’s what the ‘Low-tech’ WordPress Success

club delivers

kickstart your online presence the right way….

Right now, thousands of new entrepreneurs are tying to get online and they are doing it the ‘hard’ way. They are stuck in the ‘research’ phase, by themselves.

They are trying to decide:

  • Whether to use Wix, Squarespace or WordPress
  • What tech they need and what they don’t
  • Should they DIY or pay a professional?
  • Who should they trust for advice?

Unfortunately for many the combination of too many questions, too little support and tech overwhelm means they get stuck here.

This causes procrastination and low confidence which delays their website and stops them from launching their ideas quickly and professionally.

Being stuck in the ‘research’ phase, with no support, slows down your ability to launch an idea online

They were fed up of;

  • Free trials that expired before they could use them
  • Consulting Google when they needed support and getting answers that aimed at web designers not business owners
  • Finding it hard to understand the difference between website builders
  • Conflicting information
  • Wasting precious time they didn’t have
  • Getting advice from unqualified people

They just wanted to:

  • Get it right first time
  • Get a website up and running quickly
  • Avoid as much tech headache as possible
  • Look professional
  • Spend more time with their clients than on the website
  • Be cost effective
  • Be efficient

The more time  you spend researching options, the more you realise building a website is more complicated than you think.
At the start ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

This is because the marketing behind website builders wants you to believe that their platform is the best and easiest for building a website, they hide the fact that:

It takes a range of skills and knowledge to build a website

Here are the skills it takes to build a professional, marketing website that attracts and converts clients;

  • Business – you need to know what you are selling
  • Marketing – you need to know who you are selling to and how you are going to reach them
  • Writing – you need to know how to write the content so it sells your services
  • Photography – your website needs images to bring it to life
  • Graphic Design – You need at least a basic logo, a colour scheme and font selection. Plus you need an eye for design so you can lay out the pages well
  • Tech – you need to know how to build a page so it loads fast and without errors. You need to connect your website to your domain name.
  • Marketing tech – depending on your marketing plan you may need to do extra tech things to your website, e.g SEO, add analytics, add tracking pixels, connect to third party services like Mailchimp or Stripe etc

It is not possible for one person to master all of these skills. A good website builder only addresses the tech and nothing else.

So don’t be so hard on yourself when you find that you are drowning in overwhelm.

That’s why web agencies are so expensive. They engage a range of skills to build websites, it’s not just about fancy layouts and graphics.

Now, freelancers (like me) will have strengths and weaknesses. My strengths are:
Business, marketing and tech.
I don’t do writing, photography or graphic design.

A also don’t believe you need to pay for these when you are just starting out.

I ALWAYS recommend leaving higher cost services until you have an established business, i.e you have been earning a good steady income for a few years.

Why? Because these three areas are expensive and will change the most in the early days. There are many stories of new businesses paying a lot for these services at the start only to find that 6 months later they have changed their brand colours, their business name, what they are selling… etc.. it becomes a real big waste of money and a big source of regret.

When I work with established businesses who need these services I have a few recommended professionals I will send them to.

Alone, it can takes months of trial and error and you still won’t have a useful website to be proud of.

There are big gaps in many website DIY-ers knowledge, leading to unfinished, useless websites that have taken months of time and probably a fair bit of money.

The DIY option doesn’t always mean low cost, especially when you don’t know what you are doing! Mistakes can be expensive. 

Mistakes such as:

>> Signing up for a year for website services then changing your mind

>> Buying the wrong theme but not realising until it is too late

>> Choosing the wrong platform on which to build your website

>> Creating a website that doesn’t attract or convert your visitors into enquiries

>> Creating a website that can’t be found online

With the right support, you can quickly build a cost effective, professional looking website that is visible, and valuable and without the overwhelm.

Success Stories

Patience of a saint!

Really enjoyed doing my website with Karen. I went from knowing nothing about WordPress to being able to build and manage my own website. Karen was always very patient and on hand to answer any questions, writing extra code and tutorials where needed to make sure I was happy with the end result. Thanks so much Karen!

Nicola Gibb

I highly recommend Karen – I was able to build my website in 4 weeks from scratch – I had some knowldge of building a website but Karen really guided me and taught me all the ins and outs!

Ali Burlingham

I went on Karen’s ‘Build a Simple WordPress Site’ workshop. We covered a lot in the day and Karen then provided excellent ongoing support to help me get it finished and live. Karen is extremely knowledgeable and also very patient! I would highly recommend her.

Claire Holway

Highly recommended!

I built my new website with Karen’s online training and support package. Although I love my tech, it’s so much easier and quicker to build your site when you have support when you need it. Having Karen’s advice and guidance when dealing with the tricky technical bits is extremely useful! I highly recommend Karen’s services, she provides a rapid, detailed response to your questions and queries which is just what you need!

Ruth Bruce

So how can I help you start your website journey right?

How can I help you build a website that combines the skills necessary but without the high fees?

By using the the ‘Low-Tech WordPress Success’ club.

A unique WordPress ‘Done With You’  experience.

You can choose to do the all the tech yourself or let me take care of it.

You can get frequent WordPress support while your build your site.

Why WordPress is the right choice – even in the early days of business

It’s easy to understand why you may be tempted to start your DIY website journey using a platform like Wix or Squarespace. On the front they look easy to use – ahh no more tech stress…

But.. when you get into them you may find that you become limited with what you can do, very quickly and customisations can be expensive. I know, because I have been asked to several time to do two things…

  • Help to optimise both Wix and WordPress websites for search engines
  • Add analytics and tracking to both types of sites so the client can see where their most valuable traffic is coming from.

Now, you may not think these things concern you yet but if you want to be visible online – at some point you will ask the questions – am I visible on search? Are people finding me on Google? Where are my sign ups and online sales coming from?

Trust me..

And this is where people realise they have a desicion to make.

Stick with the investment they have already made and pay for custom changes the site or move to WordPress.

I know some people who decided to stick with their original website because they couldn’t afford to make the custom changes and they couldn’t afford to start again. Now they are left with a website that isn’t really doing much for their business which is a bit of a waste really.

Moving to WordPress  (or better still, starting off in WordPress) is always the best option because the jobs that take a few hours to do in Wix and Squarespace (and I’m an ace coder) with SEO and analytics take minutes in WordPress. In WordPress, it even means you can do it yourself, you don’t need to hire the likes of me to custom code anything, usually someone has already done it!

WordPress is a really flexible platform. It is open source which means the code is avaliable for anyone to write plugins for (extra bits of functionality).

With WordPress YOU OWN EVERYTHING! With other website platform you own nothing. The platform can go bust and you have to rebuild your site anyway (Google the website platform Adobe Business Catalyst an dyou wil see what I mean! I built many websites on that platform several years ago.)

The downside to WordPress, is, if you don’t know what you are doing you can quickly build a monster of a website that is buggy and hard to maintain.

So, with the right support and attitude it is possible to build a wonderful website that grows with your business. No need to ever think you need to jump ship!

Module 1: Business Discovery

Business discovery will help you get clear on various aspects of your business, sales & marketing that are important to do first, before you start to plan your website.

In this module you will get clear on;

    • What you are selling
    • Who your ideal client is
    • Your marketing messages
    • Your sales process
    • Your marketing process

Why do you need business discovery? 

What you learn about your business during these workshops underpins your whole website. For your website to be a success you need to know where it fits into your business and marketing. You can’t do that if you don’t have a clear understanding of your business.

When you understand your business you can plan a website that is right for it and writing content for your website becomes a breeze.

The clarity the business discovery sessions give you will help you stay focused and move forward with your website. It’s ofrten th elack of clarity that keeps people stuck when they build their website. They don’t what to put on their website or what to say!

content review

Module 2: Website Planning

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to your website, or you just need some help and feedback to improve your existing website plan, this is the workshop for you. In this module you will;

    • Define a simple website strategy to support your marketing, sales process and your customer’s journey
    • Define the pages and functionality for your website
    • Learn how to sketch a layout for your pages
    • Understand what content you need for each page
    • Define your visual branding

During this first module you will plan what your website needs – and you will write ‘most’ of the content!

Why do you need to plan your website before building it? 

Having a clear plan enables you to build your website much quicker.

You will find it easier to avoid ‘shiny object syndrome’ when you realise the next fancy gadget on your website won’t actually make a difference to your bottom line.

You will tackle your web build with confidence and clarity!

Module 3 + 4: Building & Updating your WordPress Website

In this module you will learn how to;

    • Build WordPress pages
    • Use the Divi theme modules
    • Use the Divi theme library
    • Update your header and footer
    • Add widgets to your blog

Using my training library you will learn how to update your website, build pages and more. You have access to weekly Q and A session plus there will be a weekly ‘let’s do it together’ session where I will go live to show you something that might have you stuck!


Module 5: WordPress Website Maintenance

In this module you will learn how to;

    • Secure your site
    • Back up your site
    • Update your theme and plugins
    • Update the WordPress core software
    • Debug yoru site if something goes wrong

You will learn from my 9+ years of maintaining WordPress websites. If you have heard that managing WordPress is hard, it’s because the website wasn’t set up properly. 

I’ll show you how to make maintenance a breeze!


Google Analytics configuration and implementation technical SEO

The tech set up; what you get

Setting up a website can be very a very techncial task and this where many website DIY-ers have the greatest challenges. My tech set up will save you months of work!

I will;

    • Set up your domain name
    • Set up your website on my hosting (with SiteGround)
    • Set up a professional email address for you
    • Secure your whole site with an SSL certificate
    • Secure your website with a security plugin
    • Configure the essential WordPress settings
    • Install, activate and configure the essential WordPress plugins
    • Upload the Divi theme
    • Upload and activate a child theme
    • Configure and connect Google analytics and Google webmasters tools

This tech set up provides a basic WordPress website with all the funtionality you should need for a starter website. If you want a simple and low tech this is perfect for you.

If you find you outgrow the website and need more advance features such as e-commerce, paypal integration etc then you can add these on at a later date.


What is an seo audit

Included! WordPress SEO

If being visible on Google is part of your marketing strategy then you can rest assured that we will cover SEO planning and WordPress SEO during the planning & building phase.  You will learn;

    • What Basic SEO is
    • How to use an SEO plugin to write better content
    • How to structure your blog
    • How to use Google Search Console and Google analytics to monitor your results


Once the 4 week 1-to-1 support is finished you get the option to carry on with weekly support. You get:

Access to a Facebook group where you can ask your questions on the twice weekly Q and A thread.

Weekly live tech demonstrations.

Ability to request a specific tutorial if one doesn’t already exists.

Accountability to keep you on track.



Investing in this training means you will be able to quickly update your website yourself. If you were to spend an hour a week updating your, adding blogs, updating services, adding a new page here and there etc this could cost you around £250 per month in support fees. When your business is new you may feel the need to update your website more! You will easily save thousands of pounds in the first few years by being able to do it yourself.



WordPress Success Club - ongoing weekly support

£50/+ VAT pcm
  • Training covering SEO, analytics + WordPress
  • Twice weekly support in a Facebook group
  • Access to premium plugins
  • Weekly live tutorials
  • Ability to request a new tutorial
  • Discount on my WordPress tech VA rates (£50ph instead of £65ph)


Can't I get a Website designed for me for that price?
Yes you can. In fact you can probably get one a lot cheaper.
However, cheap websites don’t have any planning or strategy behind them.
The live workshops I am providing can’t even be bought for the investment you are making!
You are not just buying a website.
You are buying website planning which gives you confidence & clarity to know what to include on your website.
You are buying the knowledge about what a website needs to convert.
You are buying knowledge on how to make it visible on Google. You are buying the knowledge on how to update it yourself.
You are buying a specific tech setup designed. to help you build your website fast, without overwhelm. Cheap web designers build websites without thinking about future proofing, speed and security.
You are buying the fact you have a future proof website that can grow with your website. Build it on Wix or Squarespace and it is highly likely you will outgrow the platform as your business grows.
You are buying peace of mind for 12 month because I am going to be looking after all the tech for you website!
So, you are not just buying a website.
Can I just have help with the planning and strategy phase?

Yes you can. you can pay a one off-fee of £150 + VAT to access the planning only content for 12 months.

The price is too expensive, can I think about it?

If you really like the idea of this training, I don’t want the price to put you off. You can pay in installments. We can discuss this.

If you can’t pay in installements then stop thinking about websites and go and find yourself a few more clients first, then come back to me when you feel more comfortable with the price.

Is the monthly club fee included in the £500 tech starter price?

The tech starter price covers the tech build and hosting for 12 months. I’ve listened to lots of website DIY-ers and the biggest hurdles they have with WordPress is getting started and the maintenance that follows. I want to remove those hurdles by building the majority of the site for you and looking after it so you only need to update the content!

The monthly club fee enables you to get ongoing monthy support that can continue past the inital 12 months if you still need it. Your website may change quite a lot in the first few years and I wanted to find a way so I could still support you.

My son / daughter can build me a simple website, why should I follow your training?

I show you more than just how to build a website. I teach you the essential business foundations and do the tech for you. You also get valuable SEO training that will help your website to be found on Google. You also get 12 months of me looking after your website for you. That means making sure it is secure, backed up and all the software updates are taken care of. If you stick with me I will greatly reduce your learning curve, provide you with much needed accountability and support and help you build a website that you can be proud of.

Do I really need to learn to build a website myself?

In the first few years of business if you know your business may be changing, then yes, I do believe you should learn the basics. When you know the basics you are much more in control of your website. You can update it quickly and how you want. Not only will this save you money but also the headache of dealing with web designers when you just need to make small changes to your website.

You may be suprised about how often you will want to update your website. In the first few years of business many things can change. As your business gets more established you may offer different services. It may take you months to get someone else to upate your website.

This isn’t good for your business. Your website needs to reflect how your business is today, not 3 months ago.

Won't my website look really amateurish?

It is true that it won’t look as good as if a professional web designer worked on it but it will look good enough.

If you want to build your own website you will have to let go of needing it to look perfect. What is more important is that you have something ‘out there’ as soon as possible and you start learning how to make your website and your business visible online. You may spends months and months trying to perfect it.

I worked on optimising landing pages for google ads in the past and I can tell you that the pages that were clear, simple and to the point, converted more traffic to queries than pages that were super fancy but lacked the right content.

Do I need a hosting account?

No, I will host your website for you on SiteGround servers.

What exactly is a wireframe website?

A wireframe website is a website is black & white with no styling. It contains place holder images and place holder text. It will have all the bits and pieces in the right place but it will be your responsibity to add colour, images, text or anything else to make the website unique to your business.

What exactly will you build for me?

I will build all the basic pages for you in a wireframe format using my ow layouts that contain all the essential elements to help your web page convert. 

You will learn how to modify the pages. Add elements and take elements away. They are completely flexible.

See the wireframe as your starting point.

How much help will you give me?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions twice a week. I can guarantee that any questions asked by 3pm on the Q and A thread will be answered that day.

I won’t be available at weekends.

I will be able to give you feedback on your pages.

I will explain and demonstrate how to build pages and use the modules in the Divi theme.

I will answer any questions you have.

If you need a demonstration on anything I will do that once a week on a Friday afternoon.

I won’t be able to do the work for you though.

If you want to use my Tech VA services to complete any tech tasks we can discuss that separately.

I get very frustrated with technology, if I can't do it can I have my money back?

It’s normal to get frustrated, especially with websites! Even I get frustrated at times. If you want to build your own website you need to be able to deal with frustration. It will pass. I am here to to help you as much as I can.

If you feel like it is too frustrating and want to give up that’s OK. Building websites isn’t for everyone. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give you a refund.

If you decide to give up I will be happy to finish your website for you if you can provide the content. There will be a fee for this.

How long will it take to finish my website?

That depends on two things.

How many pages you want and how much time you can spare each week.

I recommend spending 2 to 3 hours a week on your website just so you can keep moving forward and don’t build more than 10 pages to start with.

You will have questions to ask once you get stuck into building your website. Having a go is the only way you will find out what questions you have.

Pick two evenings a week and dedicate 2 – 3 hours. If you build 2 pages a week and stick to less than 10 pages you will have your website finshed in around a month.

I'm very busy, what will happen if I can't find the time to work on my website?

I understand. That’s why you have 12 months access to  the content and my support. There is no rush.

If you think you will always be too busy to work on your website then maybe building it yourself  isn’t the best option. In this case, I can build the whole thing for you, or finish it for you if you have already started. Just ask!

Will you do any of the work for me?

If you realise building a website is not for you or there is one aspect you just can’t seem to crack then I can take over for you. I can do emergency 1 to 1 coaching session with you or I can take over the whole website for you and finish it off. These will have an extra fee which we can discuss at the time.

I've bought courses before, how will I know if this will work for me?

This isn’t a course. It’s a ‘done with you’ package of tech support and training.

Courses are just content – with me you are getting all the tech done up front!

I am also offering you daily Q and A support and accountability. Two things lots of courses don’t have.

To make this work for you you will need to put the work in, ask questions and do the work.

I’m here for you 100% but you need to be committed 100% also.

Do you give refunds?

Unfortunately, no.

I put a lot of work in to building your wireframe so this is non refundable.

If you feel like the training isn’t working for you then let’s talk about it. If there is something I can improve on I’d love to hear about so I can make my training better and help you succeed.


Can I just have the website installed on my own hosting account?

Yes you can.

You just need to provide me with the hosting account login details.


How do I get started?

Email me and we can set up a time to chat. I can answer your questions and you can decide if it’s right for you. If you are happy to continue I will send you an invoice and once it is paid your spot is reserved.

I've got more questions

Please email me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

This unique Done With You service isn't for everyone.

It is suitable for you if you want to know how to build a visible, value, website and you are looking for long term business growth and a future proofed website. Please apply to be considered.

I only take on a very limited number of 1 to 1 clients. 

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