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If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, your visitors won’t hang around and they won’t want to come back. A slow loading website can really hurt your websites ability to convert traffic into enquiries, leads and sales. Not only that, if your website is slow then Google won’t like it either. Speed is one of the ranking factors that Google uses to determine if your site is high enough quality to show it in the search results.  Your website needs to load in less than 3 seconds otherwise it will suffer in terms of search engine visibilty and it’s ability to convert.

The goals of the ‘WordPress Spring Clean & Speed Up’ Service


Reduce the number of server calls

Every file your website loads is a call to your hosting server and takes a specific anmount of time to complete. The less calls needed to load your website the quicker your site will load.


Reduce the page size

If you have a lot of ‘stuff’ on your web page, it will be slow to load. I will give you some suggestions for removing ‘clutter’ from your home page to help your page load quicker. you want you page size to be hundreds of KB (e.g 50oKB) rather than several MB (e.g 4MB).


GTMetrix Grade 'A'

GTmetrix is a tool that measures page speed. A Grade ‘A’ indicates that the web page has been optimised to a high level.


GTMetrix load speed of less than 1.5s

My aim is a load speed below 1 second but this may not be possible if your site is on cheap hosting.


Google Page Speed Desktop 90% & load speed of under 1.5 seconds

You should aim to be above 90% in the Google page speed tool. 


Google page speed 80% mobile & load speed of under 3 seconds

Achieving over 90% for Google page insights is incredibly difficult. Realistically, you should expect 80% – 90%. 

How do I speed up your site?

I have an 7 step process for reaching the goals above

Step 1: Plugin Spring Clean

I will take a plugin inventory and label your plugins as ‘Keep’, ‘Replace’ or ‘Remove’. After your agreement I will then safely remove or replace the applicable plugins. This spring clean is an essential step in speeding up your website because excess code can slow your site down. Just removing the code you are not using can improve your site speed. 

Step 2: Remove sitewide useless code

WordPress loads a few files here and there that are not needed on the front end of your website. These files will be removed to reduce the number of files your website loads.

Step 3: Remove code from pages that don’t need it

Some plugins, like Contact Form 7 load their code on all pages even though you may only need the code on the contact form page. I will check what is being loaded and make sure only necessary code is being loaded. 

Step 4: CSS optimisation

CSS is the code that tells the browser how your website should look (colours etc). There are several sub-steps involved when optimsing CSS. This involves file compression, concatenation and the inlining of critical CSS. 

Step 5: Javascript optimisation

JS is the code that tells the browser how the website should behave. There are several sub-steps involved when optimsing JS. This involves file compression, concatenation and loading the files in a specific order to minimse page loading delays.

Step 6: Font optimisation

Fonts play a big part in site speed. If your fonts are loaded from another site, and you use multiple fonts, this can have a dramatic effect on your speed. Your fonts will be optimised to load locally and in a way that doesn’t affect your loading speed.

Step 7: Image Optimisation

Non optimised images are the biggest reason your site will be slow. Non optimised images are images that are too big (in pixels)  for the area where they are being displayed or they are too big in file size, e.g. 3MB. I will manaually optimise images and make sure they load in a way that makes there delivery fast. 

Step 8: Other Optimisations

Depending on your hosting, there may be a whole bunch of other optimisations to be carried out. This may include activities such as setting up caching or updating your php version.


Service: WordPress Spring Clean & Speed Up

Karen’s ‘WordPress spring clean’ is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and professional. Worked quickly and her work is great value for money. We’ll certainly use her again in the future. Thanks Karen!

Kate Laine-Toner Bristol Autism Support
Kate Laine-Toner


£299 + VAT

  • Upto 20 plugins
  • Upto 10 images
  • Premium plugin included


If I can’t improve your loading speed I will give you a refund.

Frequently asked questions about the ‘WordPress Spring Clean & Speed Up’ service

How many pages do you optimise?

The price covers 5 pages. Extra pages can be added, ask when you contact me.

How many images do you optimise?

The price covers up to 10 images. Extra images can be added, ask when you contact me.

Don't you use a plugin to optimise images?

I will do upto 10 images manually. This gets the best results. If you have a lot images I will use an optimisation plugin to help optimise the rest.

How many plugins do you optimise?

The price covers up to 20 plugins. Extra plugins can be added, ask when you contact me.

Do you have a guarantee?

I can’t guarantee precise speeds but I can guarantee I will improve your site speed or I will give you your money back.

Will there be any ongoing costs?

Depending on how your website has been coded I may use a premium optimisation plugin. If I do, I will give you a whole years access to the plugin. You will have to buy a liscence after 12 months. Otherwise I use the excellent, free plugins that are available.

Will speed optimisation break my site?

I will be doing a lot of testing so I will need to put your website into maintenance mode a few times. There may be times when a glitch may appear during my testing but I will be aware of this. If there is a problem with your site it will be momentarily.

I always take a full backup of your site before I start work so you don’t need to worry about your site. 

How long will the speed optimisation service take?

From start to finish I need two days. 

What will I need to do differently once my site has been speed optimised?

You will need to make sure your images are optimised before uploading to your site. Don’t worry, I have a tutorial about that. 

You will need to remember to clear the cache when you make updates to your site. 

Don’t worry. I will give you instructions telling you exactly what you need to do. 

Will I get a report?

Yes I will send you a document outlining everything that has been done. 

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If your website needs speeding up, take action now. A faster website will help your search engine ranking and it will help convert more vistors to enquries, leads and sales.  Email me now so I can get started on speeding up your website. 

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