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Managing a visible blog on WordPress can be challenging and time consuming. Robbing you of precious time you could be spending with your family, traveling or growing your business.

Leave the tech to the experts – you have enough on your plate!

How a WordPress & SEO care plan can help you

MAINTAINING a high quality, visible website needs specialist skills

Are you tired of searching for answers?

When your website needs improving how much time does it take you to do it?

Some people love tinkering with their website and some people don’t. If you are the latter, then help is at hand. You don’t need to spend hours working out how to add pages or make changes. You don’t need to be fearful every time there is a software update. You don’t need to be worried about being hacked! 

My WordPress & SEO care plan takes all the worry away. 

If you can’t care for your WordPress website properly, pass the responsibility to someone who can



£199 + vat / month

  • Manual updates tested on a staging site
  • Error fixing
  • Live backups
  • Proactive security monitoring and hardening
  • Weekly website visual checks
  • Spam management
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Traffic and conversion report
  • SEO performance report
  • Google Search Console monitoring
  • Technical SEO fixes
  • On page SEO adjustments
  • Website manual testing
  • E-commerce and custom functionality supported

Common Questions

Not at this time but I can recommend hosting depending on your needs and budget. Ask me about it when we talk!

I will rewind your site to the last working backup and then debug your site to find out what broke. If I can fix it I will but sometimes you might need a new plugin. In this case, I will tell you how to proceed. Whatever happens I will leave your website in a working, error free state.

No. That is impossible. The plugins or theme that runs your website might have a problem and you might not know about it until you use that exact feature. Problems don’t always show up immediately. This service covers a visual check of your website to identify problems, not a functional check. If you want parts of your website functionally checked – e.g your checkout page, this can be added for an extra fee. If functional problems arise as you use your site these can be debugged and fixed at the standard hourly rate. 

Some is and some isn’t.

What is included: 

  • If there is a problem while I am updating your site and it has been seen in the visual check of one of your chosen pages – I will debug and fix it. Sometimes this means disabling a plugin or theme. If this is the case I will advise you on the next steps. I.e you might need to find a new plugin.

What is not included (will be charged extra for): 

  • Researching and adding new plugins and themes is not included.
  • Debugging and fixing any custom code – this can be covered for an extra fee.
  • Debugging and fixing problems that have been caused by someone else making changes to the site – this can be covered for an extra fee.
  • Errors that can’t be found visually and only come to light as you use the website.
  • Errors that occur due to a third party tool error – e.g your email. These can be debugged and fixed for an extra fee.

No. That is impossible. There are two main reasons why your website may go offline. 

1. Your hosting provider is carrying out maintenance on the hosting server or a server glitch has caused it go off line temporarily. 

2. There is an error on your website causing it to go offline. 

I will test out your software updates on a staging site first so any incompatibilities should be found.

There should be virtually no down time if this happens.

However, there may still be a reason that when your live site is updated there may still be an incompatibility. Testing on a staging site minimises the risk but can’t 100% be guaranteed. That is the nature of software.

Yes I can, we can discuss your testing needs during our call.

Each month you have an allowance of time for me to look at your technical and on page SEO and make fixes and adjustments. I will monitor Google Search Console and run a monthly website audit. I will proactively take action on any issues that arise.

No, my strength is technical SEO. I can advise you if you are looking for help with ‘off page SEO’.

Yes, I offer a tailored speed up service depending on the size of your website and your budget. We can discuss that on our call.

Still got questions?