Are you ready to build a better website?

Your website can help your grow your business but are you holding your website back? Watch the video where I reveal 5 myths that could be responsible for your lack of quality leads and enquiries.

The problem

You are tired of updating your website to find it’s still not bringing enough enquiries. You are you creating content but no one seems to be noticing it. You have had a recent redesign and found that your website is still under performing. It’s normal. Most websites are not designed for marketing even though they are expected to bring new business.

The solution

Your website needs to be designed with a marketing first approach. Fancy graphics, logos and colour schemes won’t make a difference if your marketing foundations are not in place. That includes a strategy for getting traffic and a strategy for converting that traffic into enquiries.

Meet Karen

Hi, I’m Karen Weider. My mission is to help tiny business owners like you get more online enquiries by helping you to transform your non-performing website into a visible, valuable, working website. Through working with me you will understand what it takes to generate free and paid traffic from Google and you will understand how to convert that traffic into enquiries.  To find out more about my 8 week program book a discovery call with me here and we can discuss if together we can transform your website.