We do more than just press ‘update’…

WordPress SUPPORT That boosts business

Boost your brand, your traffic, conversions, enquiries & sales with regular WordPress care, analytics monitoring, design & content updates and performance improvements.

The long term success of your website doesn’t depend on how it was designed and built. It depends on your ability to monitor, measure & make strategic improvements to your website and marketing activities.

WordPress Support for growing business, we do more than press ‘update’

If you have a WordPress website and are serious about business growth then you need to keep it technically sound, refresh your content regularly and track its performance. You need a service that can carry out regular performance assessments, offer strategic advice and make regular, continuous improvements on your behalf. You need a care plan that covers a wide range of monthly tasks that contribute towards your growth, you need a team with a range of skills that cover more than pressing ‘update’ in your WordPress admin area. Skills that include analytics, WordPress development, technical & on page SEO, conversion rate optimisation & speed optimisation.



I’m Karen

Founder of Weider Web Solutions

Weider Web Solutions helps small, established businesses improve the performance of their website through regular care and data driven content updates to improve search traffic, conversions, leads & sales.

I’ve been building and improving WordPress websites for over 10 years. Before that, in the corporate world I was an electrical & software systems engineer for several large aerospace and defence companies. It’s safe to say your website is in great hands with me!

About you

Passionate. Ambitious. Blogger. Entrepreneur

Writing a blog… you know it’s the gateway to more…

More recognition…More website traffic…More clients…More money…More fulfilment…More freedom…

But it’s hard work. It’s time consuming.

And if your blog is on WordPress, it can be a technical nightmare.

You don’t see results so you tweak and twiddle with little to show.

What started as a passion turns to a time sucking, stress inducing activity that you avoid.

Another precious evening wasted and before long, you abandon your blog.

You wonder if it’s worth the effort?

If you bring the passion for writing and business, we’ll bring the passion for strategy & tech. You’ll never feel overwhelmed or stuck again.

Need Free Support?

Join me in my free Facebook group for WordPress website owners who blog! If you’re not caring properly for your website come and find out how to give it some TLC!

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