together we WILL TRANSFORM your broken website INTO A LEAD GENERATION MACHINE THAT IS more visible and more valuable for your business

Your website can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to online lead generation. It can give you back some valuable time and filter out time wasters and those who are not a good fit for your business.

Your website may be failing at online lead generation because you have succumbed to one of the 5 website myths. Watch my short 5 minute video to find out what they are.

The problem

You are tired of updating your website to find it’s still not bringing enough enquiries. You were told by the latest and greatest ‘Website builder’ that ‘you too can have a beautiful website’. Or did you have had a recent redesign and found that your website is still under performing. In fact, it feels a bit painful to talk about because you feel like you have wasted 6 months of your life, not to mention the money!  It’s normal. Many websites struggle when it comes to converting visitors into valuable enquiries. Most websites are not designed for marketing even though they are expected to bring new business. This is mainly because too much focus has been placed on the website to look good. Not much thought goes into what is needed to convert visitors to valuable enquiries. I call this a “Beauty Before Brains” website.

The solution

Your website needs to be designed with a marketing first approach. Fancy graphics, logos and colour schemes won’t make a difference if your marketing foundations are not in place. That includes a strategy for getting visitors and a strategy for converting visitors into enquiries. The best bit – you don’t need a total redesign. Just some strategic changes here and there. Not just on your website either. A few mindset changes are needed too. You need to understand why your website is broken and why the strategies from 20 years ago will no longer work.

If you want your problem website fixed, first you need to understand it’s much harder to do it alone. My business exists to help people just like you. Take the first step, ask yourself, ‘would I like some help to fix my website?’. If the answer is no, that’s fine. You have not yet reached breaking point. If the answer is yes then congratulations on admitting you need help. You are 50% of the way there! If you would like my help then you can take the second step and book a call with me where we can discuss your problems and you can find out exactly how I can help.

Who is Karen?

I am assuming before you want to talk to me, you would like to know a little bit about me and why I am the best person to help you?

You can call me a spiritual nerd. Data and tech are my bag but my soul runs way deeper than that. I am overly driven to do the right thing and I rely heavily on my intuition to guide me. In business, I know cookie cutter strategies don’t work because they lack an intuitive input. Each business is different and relies not only data to help make decisions but also on intuition. It’s the perfect meeting of science and spirituality. This way you always make sensible decisions but you will always remain fully in alignment with your business.

Peoples energy fascinates me. I have studied and practised Reiki and fully believe in its healing powers. More recently I completed some courses with Ryan Pinnick of SuperGenuis where we were taught about how to tune into our intuition to learn not only about ourselves but to tune into others around us. My journey of self awareness has been life changing and helped me understand the direction I want to take my business.

Spirituality aside, my geekiness has enabled me to have a long career in the corporate world as an engineer of many varieties. Electrical systems engineer for the EU Mars lander mission (Beagle2) was my favourite. Avionics system engineer for the Airbus A380 was a close second. My Railway technician apprenticeship was my worst but I am sure the years harassment I suffered for being a sole female has made me a much stronger person today.

When my kiddies were born in 2009 and 2011, like many of you, I decided corporate life wasn’t for me and I started building websites. When I realised how little value they brought my clients I joined Digital Marketer (Ryan Deiss) and swallowed all the training I could. I then put my training into practice by measuring and optimising sales funnels and helping people strategise on what their funnel should look like.

Fast forward to today and I am making it my mission to help heart led female entrepreneurs do more good in the world, because quite frankly – we deserve a break. Especially if we are building business part time because we still have to work our 9 – 5 or we have kids. I know how hard it is. I want to take you by the hand and tell you that you don’t need to do it alone. Yes your website might be a technical hell hole for you and you might not realise your contact forms are useless – but I am here to help you.

So what you waiting for? Let’s get on a call and see if we are right for each other.



For 12 weeks we will work together, improving your website in the following areas.

  • Clarifying you messaging.
  • Ideal client avatar research.
  • Your lead generation strategy.
  • Data gathering and analysis.
  • Your content.
  • Visibility across social media and the Google network.

We will work 1 to 1. For 8 weeks we will discuss a topic and you will be given homework to do. We will have a catch up call where you can ask questions. We will work together to implement any changes so don’t be afraid of the technical parts.

You will have unlimited email support during the 8 week intensive plus for 4 weeks once our calls have finished.

You will need:

  • A WordPress website (or be willing to change to WordPress with my help).
  • A can do attitude.
  • To already be selling your services and have good feedback.
  • To be prepared to put the effort in, this program will challenge you  – but you will have my full support.

Book a call with me to find out if this program is right for you.


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