helping you get more online leads and sales by optimising your website

Hi! I’m Karen Weider

WordPress and Optimisation Consultant

 Your website has one job, to bring leads and sales into your business. If it’s not, then listen up, we have work to do. I want to analyse your data and work out what is stopping it from being the efficient, modern marketing tool it is supposed to be. Having trouble getting organic traffic from Google?  Let me carry out an SEO audit for you. Having trouble converting your traffic to leads and sales? Let me carry out a conversion rate optimisation audit for you. These audits will will tell exactly what you need to do to improve your organic traffic and improve your conversions. 

There are over 1.5 billion websites, the internet is a noisy competitive place.  My combined experience in WordPress development, optimisation (performance, SEO, conversion rate, customer journey) and digital marketing (funnels, paid ads) means I know what your website does and doesn’t need to make it work for your business.

My approach will save you time and money and grow your business.

For more information on my audit process please email me using the form below. 

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