Helping you to get more traffic and convert it into more leads and sales by optimising your website

Hi! I’m Karen Weider, Online digital marketing consultant

 Specialising in WordPress, SEO and Conversion rate optimisation

 I work with small businesses in Bristol and the UK (and sometimes further afield)  who are ready to grow using online marketing but they don’t have the technical capability in-house. Through my ‘done for you’ service or my coaching services I help to increase two things. 

1 – The free traffic coming to their website and

2 – The value of that traffic by increasing the number of leads or sales the website produces.

I do this by improving their SEO and then using a process called conversion rate optimisation to increase conversions.

Do you want more free traffic and more conversions? If so then listen up, we have work to do. When we start working together I will perform an audit by analysing your data so I can work out what is stopping your website from being the efficient, modern marketing tool it is supposed to be.  Then I will create a plan for you to help you improve your traffic and conversions. Then, you can decide whether you want me to implement the plan or you (or your assistant) can be coached on how to implement the plan.

 My combined experience in WordPress development, optimisation (performance, SEO, conversion rate, customer journey) and digital marketing (funnels, paid ads) means I know what your website does and doesn’t need to make it work for your business.

Select from the two options below which problem you need fixing.

Having trouble getting organic traffic from Google?

I am an SEO consultant specialising in Technical SEO. I don’t offer shady link building so don’t ask. I perform the tricky one off SEO tasks that are necessary for SEO, then I can coach you on the rest.


Struggling to convert your traffic into leads and sales?

If this is you then you already have traffic and now you have realised improving your bottom line is not all about traffic! You need to convert that traffic into something valuable. If your website isn’t able to do this then you need a conversion rate optimisation audit.


Need a website for your business but feel overwhelmed with the options?

The type of website you need depends on your business goals. I can coach you to build your own website, I can build your website for you in record time or I can take a bit longer and build something technically sound that gets you noticed on Google and converts traffic to leads. I won’t sell you something that your business doesn’t need.


What makes me different to other online marketing consultants?

 I’m honest and transparent. Two qualities you don’t see often in this business and it saddens me to say it.  

I have been working with several digital marketing agencies over the past few years and I have witnessed some shady tactics. 

I have also employed my own ‘experts’ to help me when times have been busy and I have been shocked at the willingness of agencies and other consultants to engage in ‘black’ or ‘grey’ hat SEO methods that do not serve clients in the long term. 

I also care very much about my clients businesses. I like to develop close working relationships to the point where I become a long term partner. I still have the same clients from when I started this business back in 2011! 

Read more about me on my about me page. I’m not your typical marketer. I have a wide and varied background of the right type of experience that means I can spot problems quickly and I know how to fix them.

Looking for free help?

I know that most of my visitors are not ready to contact me yet. In fact only about 3% of visitors to any website are! So if you are in the 97% of visitors who are looking for help but still need to build a little trust with me before you want to contact me, that’s completely understandable. 

I have a few ways you can get free help from me while you get to know me a little better.

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I have a lot of free tips and training in my blog. If there is something in particular you need you can drop me an email and I’ll put it on my list.


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